Kenya is unique never forget

-3 native subspecies of giraffe. Reticulated Giraffe ,Rothschild’s Giraffe and Maasai giraffe

  • Albino giraffe
    -Northern white rhino (only 2) in the world
  • the Plains Zebra and the endangered Grevy’s Zebra., all native
  • Mountain bongo only found in central kenya
  • over 1100 species of exotic birds
    -soapstone only found in western Kenya
  • Pennisetum clandestinum/kikuyu grass native to Central Kenya
    -two subspecies of thomson gazelle
    -hirola antelope native to kenya
    -Du toit’s frog

But theres more…
Lorok black leopard

Four species of fisi

Simba mbili za @patco na @Thirimaii


Hakuna jina lingine?