Kenya is sparsely populated

Just see that idle space not occupied. Kenyans are crammed in just some few locations.

and unfortunately, those are the most productive areas without the need for irrigation, and most of the lands are been converted to concrete jungles.
maybe we should have us living in the “non-productive” areas and farm in the naturally productive areas.

but Experts have said nothing to worry about. there is plenty of land to do farming

Start us by moving to those bone dey areas

i hope people will follow.

no we wont

No one wants to live near clan ya bingwa chieth

That has a lot to do with agriculture being the largest economic activity of the populace

What happened to Turkana water

Meaning cushites cover 50% of kenya.
Too risky in the next 300years

The only populated areas in Kenya are in Nairobi, Central, Western, Nyanza, few parts of Eastern, Nakuru and Kalenjin counties and, Mombasa. The rest of the country has few pockets of people splattered here and there. If you happen to travel in counties like Turkana, Kajiado, Samburu, NEP etc you will be shocked by the fact that you can drive for 3 hours and not come across a human being or any serious settlement.

We shall deal with them accordingly

The population is a direct reflection of the relief map of Kenya[ATTACH]371070[/ATTACH]

But what is more important is water. Watervis not plentiful in those sparcely populated areas so that land is not very productive. But there is significant potential through irrigation in areas near athi/galana and tana rivers. Problem is irrigation is expensive and agriculture is not a priority of government or political elite.

County governments should have initiated irrigation projects in those arid areas and increase the food security and GDP of those areas but shida ni kwamba we have greedy bonobos for leaders

Shida ni alshabab kama Bingwa. They are so hostile na sijui walipea serikali nini coz they are highly tolerated.

If I was in charge for a while they can see fire. Ati Kenya kuna place you can’t go because of them

Ethiopia built a dam. Funny enough it’s not being talked about but Turkana has been getting smaller and smaller.

Found the thread

I think the turkana water talked about is the underground reservoir.

The people will follow the infrastructure,no one should be worried they can’t move freely to NEP,you can,the hostile elements their are shabaab sympathizers who don’t know the laws of kenya .

Thats the reason Kdf took KMC,the region’s economic backbone.According to vision 2030,the government should create disease free zones there for serious livestock production,I guess according to the recent budget statement the game starts from Lamu county.

Meanwhile,largest land owners their are conservancies, and according to a certain diplomat, people there need to change mindsets,we agree too here,as evidenced by ‘ktalk arabs’,mindset is the problem

And yet most of the devolved funds go to the sparsely populated areas instead of helping people in the high density areas. Then you complain that kwa estates there are no tarmac roads, water or sewer.

this needs a thread of it’s own…

But lake turkana has been in the news lately because of rising water levels that have displaced thousands?