Kenya is NOT a Monarch!!!!

Some people are very funny. They are telling kalonzo to play second fiddle to raila for the third time ati if they win, baba cần govern for five years then hand over to Kalonzo. This is the shitiest advice ever. The presidency is not something that is just “handed over” to anybody, it is won at the ballot. Dynamic will have changed in those 5 years and it would be very hard for kamelon to rise to the presidency. Hii ufala labda mjinga tu ndie anaeza kubali.Alafu, who in their right mind can leave power before the end of two terms? wakamba mkikubali kudanganywa for a record third time mtakua mmejiabisha sana!!!

I hope you understand what a monarch is!

yes I do

It’s an absurd argument, the bit about governing for 5 years and handing over to someone else on a gentleman’s agreement. It doesn’t work, it certainly didn’t for Raila himself. At the same time, I think Kalonzo’s ambition is his personal affair, as is Raila’s and all the other likely presidential candidates. True, Kenyan politics is tribal, but presidential politics must of necessity be national, for the same reason you cited: Kenya is not a monarchy; it’s a democracy–or we would at least like to be seen as one. So the actual question we need to ask ourselves as a nation, and as individual voters is, which candidate is truly a national leader?

Huyu mgondi tutamchunisha pale kwa debe. Saa hii we are fattening him for slaughter.[ATTACH=full]377041[/ATTACH]

So in short Raila is being isolated

yes, the old senile man will be on his own come 2022. his hopes lies on acoalition with jubilee, which will not help him much. the chances of it happening are also low

Kalonzo should take that deal provided that he negotiates wisely like Ruto did in their first term with Jayden. Huwezi leta kura 1/5th and expect to be the presidential candidate in a formation. Pale ni wingi wa kura inamatter sio feelings and bullshit agreements. Kalonzo brings votes to the table but those votes don’t match Raila’s. If NASA was to be reconstituted to the way it was in 2013 and 2017, they would have an almost guaranteed win. Voters in central would not back Ruto 100% (mostly due to voter apathy not necessarily by voting for Jakuon) and thus denying him presidency. Kumbuka baba does not need Mt Kenya votes. The smart option for Raila is to bring back the original NASA formation and promise them big positions in his government so that they can play ball. Focus on his strongholds and then wait for Mt. Kenya to fuck Ruto over by not turning up on D-Day.

By the way, Raila is not doing himself any justice by hanging out with Uhuru because Uhuru is already hated in central. He would be better off campaigning in central alone or with local leaders not Uhuru.

As long as babu is running, nĩ kumĩra kumĩra.

I doubt Kikuyus will turn up in large numbers when they have no horse in this race. Both candidates have a bad history with Kikuyus.

That will never happen. nasa cannot be re-united. Mudavadi is serious about going it up to the ballot. the only person who can rejoin raila is kalonzo

Kalonzo is wise. He will make the right choice

Also, the statement that baba does not need Mt. Kenya is hogwash. It assumes that the areas that voted for him in 2017 are still intact which is a fallacy. Many things have changed. Coast and western are now battlegrounds. tinga is only guaranteed luo nyanza

Hence the need to re-unite NASA first. The same strategy they had in 2013 could guarantee their win in 2022 primarily because Mt Kenya has no viable candidate. Sometimes old methods can solve current problems when the factors that made them fail are no longer present.

re-uniting nasa is next to impossible bacause of Mudavadi. he is determined to be on the ballot at all cost.

The problem is that in Kenya the party leader usually commands the most votes and resources. So their co-principals are just flower girls. They can make noise but ultimately they will do what the party leader wants or they leave. I never believed that Kalonzo would go for the top seat alone. Ever since Moi left he has ridden on Raila’s coattails. Now after devolution he has become irrelevant. Just look at the squabbling that happened in Ukambani the other day. Would have been unthinkable in 2007. But his influence has diminished greatly.

The same can be said of Wetangula, Orengo, Nyongo and company. They were relevant largely because of Raila. As he moves out of the political scene they will be on their own and most likely out in the cold for the rest of their careers. I agree this time around Mudavadi seems determined to get the presidency, but he doesn’t have the financial or political muscle to pull it off and I think he is smart enough to know that. He is probably angling for a deputy position or appointment as an official in the next administration. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Mudavadi will grow strong to be a strong coalition negotiator not to be a presidential campaign. A Raila vs Ruto race is more apparent

The OP must have low IQ.

mimi tukubaliane niwache presidency , munipatie speaker wa National Assembly but tenders nipewe worth 500 billion in the 5 years

mama ngina and jayden are supporting gideon as candidate. Whoever ignores this shouldn’t discuss succession politics. muhoho kenyatta supports RAT, was central to handcheque agreement and replaced DP Uncle Ruto as coordinator of government business to hold the cash within the family.

RAT is just being used as a rouse to keep business ongoing. While jayden walks him along the garden path with promises, he doesn’t see how naswa was killed to isolate him. Watermelon ukambani numbers were always understated by RAT. However we have always known RAT got more votes in Makueni than Migori. More votes in Kitui than Homa Bay and more votes in Machakos than Kisumu. When cerelac coalition met recently innKaren hotel they went through this technical data. Add madvd maragoli votes and you have RAT exposes for who he is. Lastly none of them have funds for campaigns. I will just enjoy this puppets waste time on the egos. Truthfully they have nothing. Whatever giddy and jayden will say will be it. giddy presidential candidate and RAT as running mate. The rest will get some promises on paper to sell to their last remaining followers.

Lastly the grassroots have shifted 360° since 2017. This dynasties will be whipped in 2022. Shida isn’t Chief Hustler. Its the people who await to show them the contempt.