Kenya homes - 3 Bdrm at 2m at exit 16 in juja

Are these guys legit?

Has anyone dealt with them

I see that you have 2 million burning a hole in your pocket. Buy land in kalimoni and forget about buying “apartments” because you will definitely regret after signing those papers.


These guys seem like such a scam. They are “an online company”.

I can’t even dare buy these houses.

Dont. I know many conmen busy selling hot air in Juja, or substandard houses. If you need a house, go to Kalimoni with a 1 million budget. Buy land 50100 or 8040 and use the other 1 million to start building pole pole.



He wants to buy a house in an apartment?2m ziende hivyo tu?Living in an apartment is like living in prison.Hakuna kupanda nyanya,mboga kwa compound ama kufuga kuku.Hakuna space ya kuchoma nyama.etc.


Kenya homes i’ve seen some of their projects in Mombasa, all their houses were sold out… Their houses are preferb… Hizo to vitu twa white uki nunua electronics una pata ndani

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If you have land and the 2million inbox I will advice accordingly for free.

Hio ndio inaitwa pre cast ama ni gani?

boss i kalimoni unataja iko wapi, at first i thout u wanted to say kademoni:D:D

It means the place of a small ghost, the Kamba workers of Macmillan must have seen the Voodoo dolls Ju and Ja that were in his household.

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o_O:D:D:Dnever i repeat never buy an apartment, nunu shamba

A place in Juja

when the deal is too good think twice

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I would rather buy an apartment in a convenient area than buy land to build a house in a place that is barely accessible to the city.
Kupanda nyanya na mboga…It is clear you were brought up in rural Kenya.I was brought up in Mombasa
Space ya Kuchoma nyama. Well, where I stay, the top balcony has a barbecue…So No.


How much do you pay for service charge? That is usually the catch kwa apartments. Unabuy apartment unaendelea kulipa rent in the name of “service charge” or another funny name. Unaweza pata apartment ni 20k in an area. Lakini wenye wamebuy wanagongwa a whooping 4k in service charge for a similar unit in that area. Total exploitation.


I was brought up in Nairobi.Those are the things i might do.


You know if you buy a bungalow or mansion in an estate you also pay service charge.But that is better because you have your compound than living in an apartment.

If you buy a bungalow/mansion, you get a title deed for that piece of land. A document that is legally recognized and your name can be traced at the land registry e.g where guys buy plots in gated estates and build according to some designs. What do people get after buying an apartment unit? As far as I am concerned, not a title deed that can be traced back to the land registry under your name. My point is, with bungalows/mansions, YOU determine the service charges and can kick out the management company when you feel like. You cant do anything as an individual if you live in a flat because you hardly have any documents.

That’s bad for them.