Kenya has developed.

I landed today in the country and I am impressed big-time on how y’all are developing. Several things I noticed.

  1. This big ass road being built in the city ndio gani? It’s so unnecessary.

  2. Kilimani/Lavington has lost It’s allure kabisa. I left it ikiwa a bungalow type of estate na sai all I see is flats.

  3. There is a new building which is curved hapo karibu na KICC na pia kuna a new building karibu na parliament, and ooh there is also this tall building in westie near kempinski hizo ni za nini?

  4. What happened to Uhuru Park? Uhuru grabbed it ama? Why is it fenced?

  5. South B is literally a concrete jungle, not the hood I grew up in.

Anyway mnajaribu sana. I never knew nitarudi nipate mko hivi. But y’all should stop cutting trees fr. It makes Nairobi a desert.

Kama ulituacha Kempinski ikiwa imara, haujapotea sana brother. Natami kuskia ushuhuda wa mtu aliacha kama thika road ilikuwa gushi.

Add photos to spice this thread.

We Arabs have worked so hard to move this country forward forward forward

Forward to becoming the next zoomalia:D

Thika road ikijengwa nilikuwa around. Hao maybe ni wale watu wa <2009

Thread kama hizi huambatanishwa na mbisha

Would take some nikirudi Tao leo. I was jet lagged and too tired to take pictures.


Ume land ame umetoka kamiti ? because all this u have mentioned huwa zime jaa online !

Bonobo you’re too optimistic about Kenya’s development.

Just when the country is experiencing noticeable development we have negroes like you who can’t help shitting on the achievements made.

I’m being realistic. Kenya will look like USA in 100/200 years to come

Yet another troll handle that just joined this forum today after browsing without commenting for a very long time.

tuko green outskirts of Nairobi

Jayden anatumaliza na taxation of basic commodities.

Ghasia you don’t know me