Kenya has beauties....

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Ohh forgive the bias (I fancy the chic whose photo has been repeated )


Advertising VIVO or what? They’re all in those crappy fabric…

@Female Perspective be like…



Why do men drool on already taken chicks?

HA HA …FP atuwekee yake bila crappy fabric :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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thisisess sharon wa mwisho nawezatoa ndani

what do you mean? just because she is taken doesnt stop her from being hot

No. 3 hizo nyonyo zinashow directions!
Hapa ni ma DFHKM tupu!

It means a woman is still beautiful. Ukiona ata ukitembea in public and no man/woman steals glances towards you, mtu hujua amezeeka.

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Am with you on this

Father abraham or jehova wanyonyi can give you right answer.

Enyewe hizo nyonyo…to quote TIG, napenda sana

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Has nothing to do with marriage status and everything to do with physique.that biach is hot full stop

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some shemale is bitter than camel piss upthere.
i wouldnt rate them with their clothes on… i have been disappointed once too many.
if a woman isnt in the nude and direct from the shower i cant tell if she is beautiful or not

Linen and khaki

There is no such thing as a “taken chick”.
Every woman is a Potential shag; you just have to ask nicely.
We are nothing more than Horny animals who crave to satisfy our sexual curiosities but don`t necessarily do so for fear of getting found out. This fear is diminishing rapidly in the name of Female empowerment and all sorts of modern democratic freedoms and soon we will loose all shame and we are headed for a Sodom and Gomorrah moment as a human race.- (Mhenga @Ka-Buda 2015)

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True. You know a woman when she is naked.