Kenya going into captivity in Babylon

Wakristo wenzangu, how are you seeing Kenya when you look at it with your spiritual eyes? For me the song that comes to mind is by the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, there we wailed when we remembered Zion… Being chosen by God is not an easy thing. As we know Kenya is chosen as a spring board of revival. If we look at the chosen nation of Israel hao watu wamepitia Mengi. Now it seems to be our turn. To go into captivity as every time Israel turned away from God, God sent them into captivity. Wale watu wangetusaidia, our pastors and bishops have been coopted into the worldly systems hawana time ya Mungu ama kondoo wako chini Yao. Kanisa imekuwa biashara and being a pastor is like any other career. The Bible aptly puts it in Hebrews that if you are a child of God, He must chastise you. If He does not chastise you then you are not His child. So wacha tuu tukubali kuchapwa bcz we have become part of the problem. Hakuna Tofauti yetu as Christians na watu wa kimataifa. We are as corrupt. Divorce among Christians is the same as the world. Wacha tuombe tuu, huenda Mungu akatuhurumia. Hizi siasa za peni mbili hakuna mahali zitatupeleka. Right now all we have as Kenyans is God. Let’s commit ourselves in prayer and even sacrifice food for the sake of our mother land. Let’s not wait for when the problem is at our doorstep to seek divine intervention as by then it will be too late. Unajua when God wants your attention problems is how He gets it. Unaskumwa hadi you have no otherwise but to turn back to God. Let’s not wait for things to deteriorate to that point before we go to God in repentance and seeking deliverance. Tuanze maombi mapema before time runs out. Wapendwa tuombe things are not rosy. Tuna ingia kwa majaribu. Remember what Jesus told His disciples. Pray that you may not fall into temptation. Let those who have an ear hear what the Spirit is saying.

Mungu naye anatupenda; ur national anthem from the first stanza is already a prayer itself and everyone can recite it by heart so its safe to say sote tumeomba na tunaomba :slight_smile: