Kenya Fake Rice Alert

Kenya Fake Rice Alert

Here’s a video that shows us how to identify plastic rise which is apparently RAMPANT in kenya

Very sad… (though they are made from gelatin - [ATTACH=full]261987[/ATTACH]same material that’s used to make capsules)

Very nice. Ile siku mtakula mbwa ndo mtaamka. Tukisema Rais Uhuru ameharibu nchi mnasema Ruto ameiba shamba. Wacha mkenya apambane na hali yake

What’s wrong with you hardly a day goes without imposing Ruto chieth on us.

Revive our agriculture sector to do away with imports then we can breath.
One thing never makes sense to me, is how do you pull off this fake rice thing and make a profit.
Like the margin to do this is so thin.

How do you guys believe in this shit is beyond me…you are same guys who probably panicked when rumours went round that certain calls were killing people.