Kenya - Devolution - Secession

This is a route that needs to be interrogated, explored to chart a way forward.

Ruto was the biggest opponent and the face of the NO campaign. Based on nostalgia, of his coming of age in politics, during the totalitarian Moi regime. One wonders, based on conviction, how he would swear (shamelessly) and uphold the same Constitution that he vehemently opposed based on creed.

We are at a crossroads. Devolution, if implemented properly, would be to a certain extent, a cure to the cancerous tribalism that has permeated every sphere and fabric of Kenyan life.

Let those that want their tax payer monies carted away in sacks, stolen in the guise of mobile clinics, spent on “shuttle diplomacy” (read Hustler Jet) etc choose that path and defended on the grounds of “mtu wetu”. Let those that believe in an equitable society, where leaders are held accountable do the same.

The experiment Kenya has not worked and will not work with such deep chasms where the opposing factions think that the other is the epitome of evil.

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The problem we have as nation has never been about tribe or leadership as in devolution or centralized government structure. The problem is two individuals engaging in d**k measuring contest that has sucked in their families and subsequently communities. Also we need to shift from politics of resources to politics of leadership otherwise the problem at the national level will just replicate itself at the county level and all the other lower levels reducing us to animal kingdom.

There can only be a dick measuring contest if they are empowered. By the masses.

What’s really sad about Kenya, especially with this young generation, that has access to the internet, information etc. They come off as endorsing or rubberstamping as long as he is “ours”.

Most are worse of than their parents. Kids are meant to do better than their parents generation. The staggering rate of youth unemployment, hopelessness is dumbfounding.

Devolution are helping certain areas of the country, but there are some places even the county headquarters are unmanned due to non-payment of staff, and yet people from those areas are very vocal about ‘transparency’ in the national government but are mum about the runaway corruption in their home counties.


Them opposition are just playing dumb but we knew we would go the naija way with this katiba.

It is too early to write devolution off, we have only done 5 years which as expected was not smooth, it takes time to completely overhaul a system and get accustomed to a totally new one.

You seem too keen to blame the DP and the national government for the lackluster performance of Governors which really is unfair, the national government’s input in devolution is limited strictly to the division of revenue, once they allocate the monies CRA determines what each county gets and the counties do what they want do with the monies, if counties aren’t doing well blame the governors.

Me and you can trade unpleasantness on the internet and that is the far we can go, on the other hand politicians the world over have their stock in trade and in our case it is the unemployed and hopeless youths in urban areas while we have landless and likewise unemployed and hopeless youths in the rural areas for hire at a token to cause mayhem out there. The politician will not contemplate even for a second changing this situation as it is his bread and butter. I can assure you our parent were doing better, they probably had an engagement here or there to keep them out of the clutches of the politicians.

Well said, I pointed out this issue in another thread about getting away with dynasties.

The elephant in the room

The New Katiba was predicated on strong devolved units. UhuRuto are opposed to an increased percentage going to mashinani. What the counties get is a pittance. Let the people at the grassroots chart their own course. This will mitigate the ukabila we are currently experiencing to a great extent.

The only blunder we did is devolving agriculture and health, the county treasury in most cases don’t see the need for funding things that don’t bring returns to their coffers that commensurate with the investment.

How can funds be increased while we can’t even account for what is already sent to these counties. All governors across the board have looted the coffers dry

That’s why we have to have stringent laws that are implemented. You cannot blame governors for theft and exempt or excuse the theft at the national level. The point where the devolved funds are disbursed.

Unfortunately this is a pipe dream, kojoa uendelee kulala :D:D

Btw you guys always shout secession when it’s convenient. Just before and after the elections, you realised that Baba had no chance, you started shout secession. The SC annulled the election, there was no whisper of that word again. After the amendments that will be made, you now again realize that your Babu is in danger and has no chance whatsoever, which word do I hear coming up again? Sec… Bure

We already have strong devolved units and institutions like the CRA which deals with revenue allocation to counties. Let’s be realistic counties cannot get more than one third of all revenues, not with the national government having to foot the bill for the most capital intensive projects, Thwake dam alone in Makueni cost kes 64billion, 5times whati Nrb gets. If anything counties can actually cover the deficit in their budgets by collecting revenues diligently and sealing thievery avenues like 047 have done

Seems the devolved funds are disbursed with a corruption algorithm embedded systems at the source (national government). We can therefore excuse the counties of any corruption since it’s the 11% at play.

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theoretical. Practicality??

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