Kenya cuts ties with NGO over Judiciary

Kenya cuts ties with IDLO over Judiciary

‘The government has cut ties with an international non-governmental organisation it accuses of having undue influence on the Judiciary.

In a letter to International Development Law Organisation (IDLO) Director-General Irene Khan, Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed said the agreement between Kenya and the organisation was being suspended.

Jubilee accuses IDLO of having funded researchers who work for judges and are, therefore, able to influence how judges make rulings.’

Naona sirkal sasa inafanya kazi. Way to go.

In other news: The High Court has stopped the government from advertising its achievements, pending the hearing of a case filed by Katiba Institute.
The lobby group has sued Presidential Delivery Unit, Mr Nzioka Waita, Andrew Wakahiu and Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua.

High Court stops #GoKDelivers and #JubileeDelivers adverts

[li]good. the wakora4 will now have to actually go to makau’s office to pick their judgement[/li][li]by the same token, shouldn’t opposition be stopped from claiming that the government has done nothing, or has done wrong? seems terribly onesided. was this done by kassin odunga?[/li][/ol]

The ruling stopping govt ads was by Justice Chacha Mwita. Something is very wrong with our judiciary.

We need to go beyond cutting ties and eject Makau Mutua and Maina Kiai’s so-called researchers out of the Judiciary and training facilities. The events of the past few months have obliterated the idea of a benevolent parallel financing of our Judiciary. Time to look the gift horse in the mouth.

The government should advertise but only to help citizens access services and to pass other vital information sio hii upuss ya kujigamba na unofficial campaigning.

NGOs in this country especially the ones claiming to champion for human rights are a lost course. Their agenda is partisan and very biased they no longer add any value to the Kenyan society

I agree with you 100%. I hope investigating the rogue ngos will be a priority after Jubilee wins on 26th.

It has become normal for some idler to wake up one day, lodge a spurious case in court against something related to the govt, request the court to stop what the govt was doing until the matter is heard and determined. And the courts almost always oblige. Why can’t the matter be heard first before stopping the ongoing govt process/development?

You have summarised the matter so well.

Judiciary under sieke

I see no problem with advertising. It also should be made mandatory, a public scorecard of sorts.

The government is not a business. Scorecard is by parliament, media and ombudsman. Notification of what’s available and other vital information is where that should end. Hiyo ingine ni kupoteza $$

Actually, it is a business, only a bad one. my two cents:

  1. The government operates on a budget for it’s entire operations
  2. Sourcing of the financing? Taxation, our dear Exim Bank and others

The public have every right to know how that money is used. The massive theft across the country is largely due to the public being uniformed. Bare the BOQs and there won’t be much room for stealing. How?, you might ask.

A tender is opened and accepted
A winning bid has the prices/ item or service. It would be easy to point out outright theft.

My explanation might be pedestrian, but my point still stands: Information (Full Disclosure) should not be a by the way, It should be mandatory

Looks like we are talking about the same thing. The government needs to inform us on all those things. But that kind of INFORMATION can’t relayed in 30 second TV ads.
The government produces millions of pages of data every month and it’s the job of various committees at the national assembly to go through it and find out on our behalf if all is well. The ads in contention are the useless GOKDelivers ads that are just fluff - Jubilee PR in disguise.
There is difference between an ad that reminds parents when to immunize their children and a series of glossy photos followed by a mug of the president.

The fact that the government has a budget and operates like a business does not actually make it a business.