Kenya car dealers exaggerated profits

Why do Kenya car dealer have exaggerated profits on cars yet you can import at a very lower price?

Most importers are one-man shows aka under-capitalized so hawezi import gari mingi mara moja. Hako kamoja ameleta ndio atakulia mpaka next shipment hence the exaggerated profit margins

Si ni obvious!! Kunukisha kitunguu.

Okay. Now i can understand. Quotation utapewa SBT or Autocom plus duty for any car is far way below the price of Kenya dealers same car, year and month

Si ujaribu ujue haujui these guys can make even 50k na watulie

But why do they start their negotiable quote of a car so high?

It’s just sales and business tactics 101.

When i go to buy something and the seller quotes a very exaggerated price, i run wanting to hear no more

Make a little more money so you can walk into a new car dealership.
Second cars, well you’ll have to deal with the bargain games.
On the real though, what you see online and reality is very different, first of all, government taxes aren’t included.
After adding govt taxes, the prices come to what the dealers are quoting, they probably make a bit of money but if they can make you pay more, why would they settle for less?

Then just do it yourself perhaps?

Thats the cost of convinience and saving you the time & headache of importing one . No way I can invest more than 500k,take all the risks involved in the business including stolen items like radio,wheel jacks etc bring the car closer to you in Nrb, dedicate 2-3months from buying to selling just to sell to make 50k. Just because it cost cheaper in Japan. I’d have to make at least 100-150k at the least.

Free market. If u don’t like the dealer price, import one yourself not forgetting all the headache involved

Business 101…you sell what the Market is willing to pay for, not what is the right price…ask Apple inc.