Kenya Airways

as @Okiya said they have posted a 29.7 billlion loss. i this inorder to evade tax man or. finacial guys can tell more

US$ 300 million, sasa suppliers siwataanza kukaa mbali kama uchumi

Am not a finance or tax guy but there is no rationale for posting losses since KQ is not a MNC. Anyway, they need to prove to the tax man that they will make profits within 5 years ama the unutilized tax losses will be extinguished.

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We are in Kenya. Land of government bail outs.

Where are these financials @mlosi?



just posted by @Ice_Cube Thanks @wheelz

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That loss is artificial. Someone is planning to buy KQ, and you obviously see the link between poor performance and share price.

Actually, looking at their recent media campaigns, all the featured guys are thugs, except (probably) Manu chandaria.


I envy the CEO’s position. I wish I was able to lose 25 billion in a year and still keep my job

I don’t see sense in this. You cannot buy off KQ without dealing with GOK and KLM.


Nani ako na loose change anunue boeing, bei ya jioni


Yuko wapi crazy dude?

I’ve never understood why people invest in airlines. They’re very capital intensive but with razor thin profit margins, if any.

I read somewhere southeast airlines makes $9 profit per passenger

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The only reason kina Emirates, Qatar and Etihad make billions is coz of the massive subsidies they receive from their respective govts.


the GOK will very soon offload its shares in KQ. Watch this space.

What do you mean? A 5bn-worth 300-seater plane will then make approx 5000$ in a day. That translates to $180m pr year, or 18bn kenya money. When i grow up, I want to buy a plane.

That margin is slim if the company is subjected to flactuating fuel prices, workers’ unions, as well as other risks, a war in the middle east could easily turn the business on its knees; But I understand its viability if one has a large fleet like American Airlines (AA)

You mean $1.8m per year, which is peanuts for an investment of such magnitude.


Highly unlikely. Or should I say not during Uhuru’s tenure. Uhuru cannot pump in alot of money at JKIA and go ahead and give Terminal 1A exclusively to KQ and KLM only for them to sell their stake.


What if he is in the game?