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Sometimes last year I had an argument with crazydude on the state of financial affairs at KQ. The argument ended with me being called unapprised on KQ matters. I challenged him and told him this project mawingu thing is a mirage. Anyway, we didn’t have to wait for long for things to come out. And they are coming out thick and fast. The CEO admitted that they are paying salaries through loans (not even overdrafts!!). Today’s business daily news is that KQ is not remitting pilot’s deductions for loans to the banks. I guess the money deducted from pilots was used to pay off creditors. Half year 2014 results show KQ made pre tax loss of 12billion. A profit warning has already been issued.

Operation-wise, things are not getting any rosy for KQ. On the African front, Ethiopian Airlines (Africa’s biggest airline by revenue and profit) is in talks with governments of South Sudan, Rwanda and DRC to purchase stakes in their carriers. If these deals go through, this will be an onslaught on KQ’s African dominance. They will be forced to reduce fares on routes they have long capitalised on e.g Juba-Nairobi

And where are the Dreamliner birds that were acquired? Have some been leased out?

Suddenly KQ is falling apart.
Pole kwa shareholders.

Embakasi landlords and housing agents waanze kujipanga watu wakipoteza kazi

I don’t think this was sudden.

last year was a bad year for KQ with the fire outbreak. Ethiopia airlines are highly subsidized by the govt and I think our govt should do the same. That way KQ can reduce fair and be competitive again.

Salary cuts are imminent. Ethiopian has 6,000 employees and KQ 4,000 yet the staff costs of KQ are higher than Ethiopian.

Before government subsidy, people need to go to jail. This is another Mumias.

Ukisema Mambo ya Mumias nasikia kulia, my cane was harvested in in May last year, gross amount kwa statement ni Kshs 123,691.00, deductions, Kshs 140,732.00, net, nadaiwa Kshs 17,041.00. Na miwa imakaa kwa shamba 19 months.


I don’t get you. gross amount is money you are supposed to get from Mumias for your cane, right? What are these deductions?

Gross= Tonage x Rate per tone,

-Survey fees
-Land Preparation-Plough, Fallow and Hurrow,
-Seed Cane
-Sugar Development Levy
-Zingine nimesahau.

Waah! Omwami, pole.

Pole kaka. Kumbe things are that bad in Mumias!! I thought farmers are complaining of not being paid their debts but seems things are elephant

Pole mblo. Are things that thick at Mumias?

On the KQ issue, it is purely mismanagement and haphazard growth. Buying dreamliners kama peremende, yet you haven’t even utilized 50% of the existing capacity is just… stupid. A loss of 12bn can not be acceptable. That’s a loss of over 30m daily!

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“KQ makes money for everyone except the shareholders” (Wazua, 2015).


As a matter of fact it is impossible to turn around Mumias sugar Company, because of low returns, 50% of the farmers have uprooted their cane and resorted to alternative forms of farming, now Mumias sugar relies 90% out grower cane, even if the government pumps in 5bn like it is being rumored, they don’t have enough cane to crush. Hizi shida zote, zililetwa na Kidero.

But Kidero left the company profitable. What happened between his time of leaving and last year?

Same case with KQ, messing up and taking off while you are still ahead. Kidero milked the company through Capital projects which were not helpful to the company, he started with a perimeter wall fence around the estates which ran into billions, then he went to tarmacking roads around the estate, then the Tarda project, when Tarda failed to take off he went for the Water bottling plant and production of ethanol. Now he is vastly wealthy at the expense of the poor farmer.

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This kidero must have left a huge debt there. Akaenda kufanya campaign na pesa za akina @Mundu Mulosi. Alafu Naikuni seems to have pulled a kidero on KQ

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No wonder the guy goes to harambees kila weekend na minimum contribution is 1 milli

The worst thing that Kidero did is to start wars with farmers, slowly they started pulling out and private millers started taking advantage, now Butali Sugar and West Kenya Sugar and thriving.