Kenya Airways

@Okiya, Sir, start celebrating!



Sikio la kufa halina dawa.

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This is good news. But I guess to fully utilize the flights, they will have to try and get fifth freedom rights with a W African Country.

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[ATTACH=full]124725[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]124726[/ATTACH] Though hii tulishaona


The benefits will be immense if utilised well. If managed well, the carrier’s lost glory isn’t very far

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expect more losses next financial year

You know why KQ is making losses, coz the guys in charge are busy promoting other airlines than there own! The chairman, Micheal Joseph ( formerly of Safcom) cannot fly with KQ. Instead, he flys with BA!!

If that is the trend, why should we expect KQ to be making a profit it the guys in charge cannot use there own airline. Its almost like leaving a willing girl to go rape another …( Quoting Kiraitu )

Am @JKIA. This direct flights to US has brought alot of changes there. Long term parking zote between Terminal 1C and 1D zimefungwa. Word has it the domestic departures terminal will be used for the US flights


Did you ever hear of the story of one Manager who was given two hot slaps and a sweep when he came for a company social event wearing a ‘fly emirates’ jersey?

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Wapi? Some things are just silly…