kenya airways Boeing 787 gear glitch.

Am not an aeronoutical engineer nor a pilot but just an aviation savvy and a plane spotter…I don’t understand how a b787 would do more than 2000ft asl after take off without retracting gear up that’s one of the problem with one of kq b787 which I have been spotting for almost 3 months as it takes off, then you go for years with such a glitch without doing something and then you talk of fuel efficiency.

Not even speaking about the loss we are incurring of almost 200 million a month cause of the 777 we had acquired back in the late 2000
anyhow what do I know…puff and huffs.

different airlines with different S.O.P’s,KQ yao labda ni retraction at 3k there is no general rule to that.
It’s important to note that aircrafts do not have to retract their gear, remember some of them have fixed (non-retractable) landing gear
The main advantage is that it reduces drag and allows for a cleaner form(aerofoil design) .Yes you are right when it comes to fuel efficiency considering a 787’s 6000ltrs consumption per hour.Drag on the other hand would be counter set by the take off speed so retraction could well be anytime during the initial climb but before cruise level speed which differs during all phases of flight.But on the contrary tho i imagine the gear on a fighter would have a bad day at Mach 2 or at mach 3.3 za kina SR-71 kama haziko retracted .

There are 8 787s…
Where and how have you been tracking?

labda anaishi kwa flight path its easy to identify at that point

I reside just under runway 6 vector…

i know there’s only one runwayR/L,hio 6 umetoa wapi?:smiley:

FYI one end is called runway 6 the other is 24…Google “hkjk jepsen chart” I educate you a little…

by vector I mean the flight path it uses after taking off from runway 6

Akina wakanyana wataelewa mach no ni nini?

Ndugu, educate me a little about the SIDs for runway 06…
Also, curious about landing checklist for B787…at which juncture do the landing gear drop/rise
Saidia tafadhali,

Bangi hukuonyesha vitu zingine jamani …how do you do plane spotting without invoking interest/curiosity of our security apparatus.
Weren’t the 777s leased out to some Oman country

Maybe the pilot prefers to cool off the brakes before retracting.

I am curious as to the reasons that cause the 777 to be loss making? The article attached doesn’t say anything procedure used in a simulator and pretty much accurate.about the airport just download icao hkjk PDF chart and you will get all the info about the runway,VOR,DME navigation radios, either using VFR or IFR utapata ILS code and much more


Are you sure about that figure? If it is to fly for 5 hours it would consume 30000ltrs of fuel. Where would an airplane store all that fuel

ndege si pikipiki …it carries slightly above 120000 litres of fuel inside it’s wing and just under the centre of the plane.

That is a lot of fuel, @Meriamata how much fuel does a thermos carry?

I can imagine what the take off weight of Aibus A380 is

126,206 Litres to be precise,and once at 40k ft,aircrafts “glide” using the curvature of the earth and gravity

using less and less fuel