Kenya airways 2015 profits

If you have been keen you may have noticed that KQ has been running media adverts starting yesterday with prominent businesses people (njonjo, kirubi, vimal shah etc) showering praises on the airline. These ads I bet will continue till first week of August.

Now when someone is about to deliver bad news it is prudent for them to start with the good news. In my high school, the principal once called me to his office and started off by telling me how my grades were good. He concluded by telling me that the class monitor included my name among those who were making noise during preps. After that, I received 6 strokes using the pipe that connects the gas cylinder regulator to the cooker. For the next few hours, my buttocks were a hotbed of pain.

This is exactly what KQ is now doing. Come this Friday 31st July, you will know these adverts of praises on tv are a non issue. They will announce the biggest corporate loss in the history of NSE.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? I don’t know. All I know is cashflow is very tight for them. They are running a promo where one gets discounts when they books tickets 42 days!!! in advance. Even with the discounts, their prices are very uncompetitive.



hehehee tightass naiConi

hehehee naiConi

Na vile Zambians and Congolese always praise us for having KQ, if it goes down it will be our own undoing. I just don’t understand how they have refused to revise their prices, you may say its competitors like Ethiopian Airways and Emirates have a lot of state backing and cheap oil respectively but we have other airlines that operate in a relatively “conventional” capitalist atmosphere such as swiss air, turkish airlines etc that are way cheaper

A friend from Liberia swears by KQ in fact he has memorised the prelanding announcement in swa “Mabibi na mabwana tumekaribia kutua kwenye uwanja wa kimataifa wa Jomo Kenyatta…” He calls me and that’s always the first thing he tells

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Most of these African countries adore KQ, even Ghanians and Nigerians use it a lot

we cannot afford to fail in this one. BTw how is the SkyTeam arrangement a poor strategy for KQ?

just do a very simple Survey between KQ and Rwandair on Kigali-Nairobi Route. KQ charges $140 more than Rwandair . Then Unaingia Boeing over 200 capacity but you are less than 40 passengers, on the other hand, Rwandair wanatumia Bambadier next generation with a capacity of 60 and its always full.


NaiCONi did them in with the dreamliner bullcrap. I have flown Embraer to Joburg a couple of times, a very able plane

So you are saying we dump KQ shares?

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Quoting what an analyst said.

The gap between Ethiopian and KQ is widening because of their difference in wage bills and labour relations, choice of destinations, geographical segmentation of their revenues and Ethiopian’s government protection.

I think that just because one is an excellent manager of a Media, Soda ash, Bank, pharma companies…does not automatically make them good CEOs in other fields. There is too much career hopping at the top, in Kenyan companies bringing in people that have very little knowledge in particular field to head these companies.

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omujains,si you lead a demo to enlighten kenyans

I think the problem with KQ is that they use those big planes even for their short distance flights. Granted they are way more comfortable than the light aircrafts, but how many people fly to even kisumu or mombasa?
its like four friends each contributing a thousand to fuel a small car like a vitz but instead they get a scania for a trip to the coast.


That Naikuni guy must have been very good with the media because he managed to fool many Kenyans. After his exit shit became real and people could not believe that it is KQ that is experiencing these problems. That NaiConi must have had every member of board in his pocket that’s why the company made bad strategic choices.

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Fact, it is cheaper to fly Ethiopian airlines to Dar Es Salaam via Addis than taking Kq. Just beats the wit out of me.

i fly using their embraer locally almost every week and the price fluctuation is too high. I’ve ever paid 21k from kisumu to Nai once when I booked on the same day. ok at times inajaa but most times ni half capacity na thats very inefficient.

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I frequently use kayak to compare flight prices. KQ is always occupies position 2 as the second most expensive airline. Hata hizo direct flights to US zikianza, KQ will cry in the toilet if they maintain their high prices

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KQ management and staff are milking the cow to death, they want big planes and high salaries. something needs to done to revive KQ, even if it means cutting salary of all the staff and/or govt taking it over.