Kenya Aerotech

Its good to see this company doing the handling of AF1 n it’s pax. Hapo wamejiongezea bonga points and a phat cheque too.

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The other way t look at it is that its a CIA front.

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They handle everything at airport. If kenya aerotech go on strike, the airport will pretty much shutdown. No stairs ya kushuka ama kupanda ndege, no baggage handling etc.

Wacha hekaya. We have other companies like Swissport, Trade winds, Kenya Airways and Eurocraft who do what Aerotech does.


Kenya Aerotech own a huge majority of the equipment there…

They may own the majority of equipment. But fact is they don’t handle everything at the airport and the airport will not be on a shutdown if they strike.

Wewe haukutuambia ama mama alikuchapaa:D:D:D

hii ndio shida ya kujichocha na hek…hic…aya za baze ya jaba

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…:D:Dhaha kama zile tumeskia last few days lol!

The Airforce might even come in. I don’t think they are that important as you want to put it. I should know, worked there for over 6 years.

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aerotech won the tender for airport ground handling services, which as okiya has said can be done by any other company. infact swissport complained and I think they tried to sue KAA but you all know how these cases end up