Kentex cargo

Anyone imported with this company before? Am trying to buy some goods Amazon na naona huko ni almost half times cheaper than Kenya, ama kama unajua a cost efficient import way mnipee options

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I used them once and they delivered, shida ni saii. With covid expect delays

Kentex is the most reliable among those US shippers, but highly expensive, especially for large items. They will charge volumetric weight, which seriously adds to the cost of the item and sometimes you end up paying almost same price as local vendors. I would advise you consider others, such as iMail Kenya, who only charge dead weight. I have shipped small items with them and they deliver. Just check those that don’t charge based on volumetric weight, otherwise you might regret cuz of costs.

They deliver I ordered something and it was delivered in record time thanks to the direction given by Mzito from this kijiji.

It’s $15 per kg translates to sh1723. I have only used them and can vouch for them.
Kuna 5% of product price for insurance if it costs more than 20000 ksh.
The heaviest item nimenunua was a desktop monitor. Total cost i.e shipping plus cost of monitor was still less than half Kama ningenunua huku.
I’d prefer you buy the item yourself esp Kama ni zile za offer or sale. They may delay in these circumstances and you miss out

They deliver. Check the cost before utume mali to their address. Have bought a couple of items using them this covid season.

I need battery for my BT speaker,as it is not really substancial,are they willing to ship it as one item?

Of course they ship a single item. However, I don’t know their stance on batteries, you need to ask them if they accept batteries.


iMail naona ni cheaper by half, awa wameongeza 42k cost kwa bill, although naelewa ni biz yao

Bro, nadai machini, kuna vitu naona Ebay na ninkama sio mbaya. You can get a decent desktop with recent generation processor @20k ksh. Shida ni shipping, inafika huku na at least 30k ksh.

Well, use Sea Shipping…