A man finds Kemboi lying on the
Man: R u relaxing ?
Kemboi: No am Sekiel Kemboi !!!
Another group of lads pass by: R u relaxing ?
Kemboi: No am Sekiel Kemboi !!!
Angry Kemboi gets up n patrols the beach n finds a mzungu lying down,
Kemboi: R u relaxing ?
Mzungu: Yes of course.
Kemboi slaps him,"styupit kapsa1 pleli pakin! watu wanatafuta wewe huko juu na wewe
umelala hapa tu!!!



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ror,joke is funny considered the guy is known for beating up women

:D…and he then speaks to the Mzungu in Swahili…

I honestly don’t get what people are finding amusing about this picture. Is chilling at the beach an exclusively white thing? Ama ‘washamba’ kama Kemboi wanafaa kujishughulisha na kupanda ngano? It says more about the people sharing it in jest than it does about Kemboi.

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Wacheni kijana a-enjoy. Running full marathon is no joke! Absolutely nothing wrong with this photo

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It’s a joke man…which you should laugh at rather than catch feelings. Where I copied it from, I noticed he liked the ‘choke’

Is it real ama ni photoshop? If it is real, someone should tell him to dress up and get tf outta there.


kwa nini wakale lazima waonyeshe meno kwa picha?

Swali tu, why did it make you laugh?

Let it slide dude, if you don’t get it…let it slide.

Or you could choose not to answer. Isokey.

Hehe, calling the guy dude is funnier than the kemboi joke

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ata ukihate mapesa anaingiza tu

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ata labda ni employee wake, aka coach

Darkskins were never meant to sunbathe…thats true. We kinda ape everything they do…