this commodity is scarce …nani anajua supplier ako nayo SAA hii… it must b from EABL PLZ


Tafuta wrapper

Naona bizz imeshika after kumwaga pombe. Goodluck.

Tafuta truck ya beer tosha!

Hio ni territory ya kamahuha

nimeona mob. juzi nilikua Kikuyu warosho opposite selfridges express macylinder zilikua zimemwagwa na guys buying kama nyuki. keg sales will go up and in anticipation KBL wamepunguza bei sasa kikombe ni 25bob

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Kuna place ungwaro they make 1,500 per that big mtungi

Its better Keg than a 2nd generation spirit made of formalin…*we saw that factory in Thika that was broken into and used formalin as an ingredient *

Saa hii ndiyo unaamka? Vodo ulimaliza? :slight_smile:

I believe it’s far much better though as the good book says man can not live on beer alone and needs spirits too.

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Ha ha I was up by 5:00 my dear

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5.00 am? what happened to being easy like sunday morning? you must be a lonely soul in need of a soulmate or a loinsmate

Jana nilienda kulewa after bia tatu wakaniambia ati Summit zimeisha :(:(:frowning:

For no reason at all at all, you’ve got me humming this kawimbo…:rolleyes::D:D

kwani wewe ni wa sub county ya Dagoretti ?

bia mbili ya tatu ni ya sare. kama ulilipa tatu huyo waiter alikupiga ngeta. Summit is not widely and readily available I wonder how Tabby makes all that cash

I love it coz it has a smooth taste na haina hangie

I don’t know if that is true but I have noticed that most clubs don’t stock it and where they stick it hakuna baridi.

Some of my pals are from there

KBL and BAT and two conglomerates with crude marketing tactics. a cousin worked for Aspen when they ventured into Kenya na walionyeshwa moto including defacing billboards and buying out stocks in shops and destroying them. KBL did their number on castle and are now trying to kill Keroche but Tabby is an iron lady. They started Balozi to hit summit but from summit diehards I have heard that Summit is king in sugarless beer. I am not surprised what you have stated, thwy can give a manager 10k a month to say summit imeisha