Keeping up

Ting go skrrrraaa
Pap pap cla

And the br brrr boom ¤

Skyyy du du ku ku doom

So my question is this…hii ilitoka wapi…seems to be something popular…saidieni rink!

hii mvua joh!!!

I was also very curious to know the origin of that and fortunately nilipata.

Anyway it’s a sing by a guy called Big Shaq “Man’s Not Hot”

Mans not hot.

Ngoma zingine ni za ujinga tu, but the crowds love it.

Jamaa mpaka akaenda BET studios juu ya hiyo ngoma.

Hehehe asanteni…wacha niitafute niskie!

Mans not hot is only 3 weeks old but it had 21 million views on YouTube as of Saturday. So excited by Fat Joe ft Dre is 3.5 months old but has a mere 8 million views despite the constant promotion. Moral, if life gives you an opportunity, grab and run away with it. This big shaq guy was a nobody when he was doing his grime music in the BBC studio.

I am only hearing it just now…nothing special abt the song to me

2+2 is 4, minus 1 that’s 3, Quick maths!!



Heard for the first time last week hapo[SIZE=4] Onyx Lounge…[/SIZE]

Ni fangi

Asanda pia mimi nilikuwa nashindwa ni ngoma gani ama nita google nini !

Hehe enyewe ata mimi nilishindwa utagoogle aje

He’s not even a musician. He’s a comedian who was doing a rap parody on BBC, which went viral, then he converted it into a song

Lame lyrics I have heard in this song so far apart from the chorus.

…chilling on the corridor, your dad is 44

…no ketchup, just sauce, raw sauce

…use roll on, or spray, either way ABCD alphabet

hahaha WTF!

People love mediocrity

nimejaribu kuiskiza hakina kitu anasema

I dont love the song, I love this down here

Na ako na “beef” na Shaquille O’Neal about the name Big Shaq