Keeping up with Maureen

This season is all about Maureen. First was his medical team and now he just mocked Wenger when asked about the renewal of Pellegrini’s contract
“Some other clubs, they have disappointed for 15 years and the manager is the same.”
What a prick! He can’t deal with losing the community shield which is a non-event really.

He always spits his dummy out

Clubs are interested in money. not shields, goals or such shit. Those are just necessary bytheways. So if a club has fans, that’s it.

He is sooooo terrified of Wenger this season, the guy can’t have a good night sleep, he’s constantley being haunted by Wenger nightmares


is mourinho coulrophobic? that would be the only way to explain why he is scared of wenger

Absolutely no chance. He himself is a clown. He is kakorrhaphiophobic

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I think he just doesn’t like Wenger, he is his antithesis. Has anyone noticed none of them is interested in the other one’s players?

Are you daft? Peter Cech, went to Arsenal from where? Fabregas is an Ex Arsenal player.

I highly doubt that, Mourinho is just a sore loser.


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My bad. I meant in terms of their style of play and approach to matches, Mourinho is a pragmatist who can’t stand to lose while Wenger is obsessed with fluid attacking play who can’t stand not winning a match. Taking a player from Chelsea to Arsenal or the other way around exposes them to culture shock.

Kakor… what?? In plain egrich priss

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Eti kariakor what??


Na kuna wakati Chelsea walitaka walcott and Chamberlain.

Hahaha meanwhile Yokohama tyres 0-1mancity kun aguero

Can’t wait for Maureen’s comments after the game.

Mangala bana!

Cahill Hehe hasara kweli hiyo ngumi ni kali

Guys give us updates after game ya Arsenal Baesa tuliachia plastics