KD* Vehicle Registration Coming Soon

Cars are selling like hot cakes despite Wuvid19. If you are planning on buying a ride, used or new, just wait a month or two and buy a KB or KC at much lower price after KD comes out.

If you know anything about kenyan car market you would know that it takes about a year for the locally used previous series to depreciate.
Ntsa needs to do away with permanent number plates for cars. previously totaled cars should have rebuilt tagged logbook and new registration. registration should expire and be renewed after 3 year inspection or whatever they fancy. I believe cars will become cheaper and better kept.

Yesterday I registered a KCZ - M in Mombasa. Zinasonga haraka sana. Hata leo kwa highway nilipatana na mingi sana nikirudi from coast.

There is nothing more foolish than judging the quality of car using NTSA registration number series. Ignorant buyers don’t know about other pre-export quality checks.

Na KCZ N imetoka tu juzi kwani watu wanatoa pesa wapi

Ukitaka good discount buy in cash from those Arab dealerships huko coast.

A friend of mine bought a fully equipped Honda 7seater van at 850k simply because it had an older registration and the mwarabu was trying to get some cash for his next consignment