KCB,M-PESA Debt collectors

I owe KCB 74 cents , They have ever since bombarded me with over 100 sms urging me to pay and of late the have informed me that they have forwarded my name to debt collectors!!! If they had written off this debt they would have saved more money than what I owe them. I will not pay!!! I rather wait for the police and debt collectors to come for me![ATTACH=full]10725[/ATTACH]


Hehehehehe, why not just pay?

Hehehehe…those are robots hunting you! Shillingi lazima utalipa!


Kijana unashindana na ndovu kunya. Endelea tu.

from debt collectors next itakuwa kwa CRB.

stupid systems…

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Lipa deni

hiyo lipa, unajua cost ya debt collectors ni yako, if any lawyers are involved, kwako pia. Finally auctioneer costs bado wewe. Na they charge minimum 10k

Just pay up

Flaw in the initial system design. They should have a threshold on the amount they should claim. Already the 75 cents have cost them more than 100 shillings.

nimecheck loan balance ya mine wakanishow sina deni
nilikuwa na 2k due in September :slight_smile:
maybe Obama alinilipia


:D:D Naona yangu pia imedisappear. could be true.

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How does one pay 74 cents? If you give them one shilling will you get 26cents change? This is a genuine question.



Paying such a debt will negatively affect the kenyan economy, from my phones battery to their computer system KCB’S/Safaricom’s it’s a waste of resources.

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lipa tu

me too. This KCB …I didn’t borrow their money and let them be informed and stop piling those text on my inbox.

Lipa Deni Kijana ama upigiwe simu na Mbusi deh. hao ndi debt collectors wa siku hizi.