KBC is a joke


Wangesema 64 games kwa TV, 28 kwa radio.

This era bado watu wana"watch" ball kwa radio?

Wacha Zako.
Channel 1.


When Boomers with no ideas call the shots.

Nani ana watch local channels siku hizi?

FIFA promised to stream the world cup FOC.

Leteni links wadau

tangu 2002 worldcup kuna tradition tulianza na mzae na bro…watch on Tv whilst listening to the commantary on radio…feery interesting.

:D:D yani mnataka akina Arocho wawaenjoyi venye bao imefungwa na ni miss ingine kubwa mko na bidii

Why would I want to watch the world cup with some shitty 144p resolution on kbc when I can stream it in FHD on my 43" inch TCL smart tv? Lanes bruh.

Inaanza lini

It’s better than nothing

Sawa basi. Watu wa KBC mtasikiza games kwa redio.
You are now back to 1982

20th November

Hehehe… na bonobos wanasema privatisation is a bad idea.

How now… Anyway majority of the peeps cannot afford to pay for content neither can they afford to buy bundles.

This is really the time Showmax Pro maximizes on subscribers through offers… Unfortunately it looks like they ain’t bothered

FHD streaming sites.

World cup itakuwa free YouTube



Mafala sana!