Kazi ya mzungu


My uncle introduced me to a certain old mzungu one time i was looking for a job. I dropped out of school and my dad was so mad at me and chased me out of his compound for being a dick. I ventured out looking for one specific job…any job. My uncle didn’t see a bright future in me and that’s why he talked to the old man to work for him. All the arrangements were set and he picked me from nakuru town and took me to his big ranch a couple of kms away from town.

Life was not easy at first. My job description was to make sure that all the livestock were in good shape. It was a heavy task considering that they were plenty in number. The sheep were uncountable. It took me weeks to get to know exactly what to do. There were many other employees too. I lived in a secluded small but fine house not far from the cow shed. I had a sonitec small radio that kept me company. I was the youngest in the ranch. I didn’t have friends either. My closest friend was a mongrel dog and the cows. I used to listen to Talia oyando at easy fm who hosted a reggae session. The way that lady talked used to make me imagine myself on top of her. She was a darling to the youth of my generation.
The old man was a single parent. His wife had died and he lived alone. His children were overseas too. He had two boys and a last born girl. I gathered about these when we met with other workers during the day. They said that they hated when the family was around because they were so racist. I learnt that they were gonna visit at the end of that year. I had a fear of unknown.
By the end of say the third month,i had become a darling to many. The old man had become my friend too. I was cheeky maybe because of my age. I had trained the cows to heed to communication and given them names. Coming from a a pastrolist community,we name the leaders of a herd. I didn’t have to name all of them. When the leader is called and follows the instructions,the whole herd follows. The leader can be the oldest cow or the dominant bull.
Finally,the family arrived. That’s when i was introduced to them. The little bitch refused to greet me.

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Part 2

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The long holiday came to an end for the boys and they went back overseas.The bad news was that the girl had finished high school and she was not going back yet. During christmas,the old man gave us a big ram to slaughter. We were also given drinks and food. I felt like bringing my dad and tying him close by and making him see how i was having a blast.

Many weeks passed and i was given a promotion. I was made the general supervisor. On that note,the old man taught me how to saddle and ride a horse. It didn’t take me long. I was given the largest stallion among all the six horses in the ranch. I would ride him all over the ranch while checking out on the progress of cultivation,dairy and anything else going on. We also developed a good rapport with the other workers. I respected them for their age. I felt like i belonged to the ranch.
One day,i was walking next to the main house. All over sudden some dirty stinking water fell on me,making me wet and scared to the core. I looked up to see the little devil laughing her ass off down at me from the balcony. She was like,‘oops…sorry monkey’. Then she disappeared laughing. I found myself picking a stone. But i refrained myself.
A few days later,the old man called me and told me that i was going to teach her daughter how to ride a horse. I had no choice. She looked at me like some cheap shit. I hated her as well. I promised myself that atajua hajui.

Part 3

Teaching her was not a walk in the park. Alikuwa na ujuaji mob. But i had her sorted. I let her know that if she didn’t follow my instructions,the horse would topple her to the ground. The same thing her dad had said to me. Then i led the horse to the field that had some tall grass. When she wasn’t watching,i threw a piece of cloth in front of the horse. Horses are easily spooked by small things like rats and snakes. It jumped up and stood on the hind legs. She was sent down to the ground. I felt like laughing but i didn’t. A lesson had been taught. She didn’t get hurt because of the long grass.
After that,she got scared and followed my instructions. I enjoyed being in control. Whenever she got rough on me,i would make the horse be rough on her. Till she knew that,‘nobody moves,nobody get hurt’.
She got so excited and could not wait for me to finish the daily patrols in the morning so that we could get to training in the afternoon. She stopped calling me monkey as well,though it didn’t bother me. I taught how how to saddle a horse and making sure that every belt is tight enough. Also how to calm down a wild horse and grooming as well. She enjoyed everything. We would ride side by side as i held her horse reins. Am good at making friends. Though am not good in English,i managed to crack a few jokes with her.
I managed also to make her drop the racist side of her. We finally got along well.

Part 4

She was changing very fast. I wanted to still discipline her for treating the black child badly. She stopped waiting for me for afternoon rides but accompanied me during the daily patrols. It was a good experience. The other workers kept winking at me as if to tell me nikute vitu. I was dying to,but i had no idea where to begin. From the few times we had talked,i had concluded that she knew a lot. That made me fear her even more.
We would take the whole racing with our horses in a vast field. I was letting her win most of the times to make he feel good. She had changed alot. She treated everyone so well. Her dad was asking me what i was doing to her. But she never indicated that she had feelings for me.
She had some long black hair. I would look for any opportunity to touch them.
Then one morning,as usual,i found her waiting for me ready for the morning patrols. She told me that her horse was not feeling well and that we would ride on mine. It caught me off guard for i didn’t see it coming. I wanted to tell her to saddle another horse but i found myself agreeing. I prepared my horse while shaking. I was dying to sit so close to her. There was also fear of unknown. What if i developed an erection. She got up first then i joined her, sitting behind her.
Her cologne and the smell of her hair hit me. My dick refused to sleep. With the horse moving,it made me hit her back over and over again. We headed to the maize plantation to chase away some antelopes that had invaded the farm. She was the one in control and because i didn’t have anywhere to hold,i held her waist. Actually i was taking advantage.

Part 5

I was new at anything called romance and sex. I realized that i was holding her so tight and even close to me. The horse had stopped. We were far away from home. She turned her head to look at me. I looked away in embarrassment. She held my cheek and turned it so that i was facing her. She pulled back and kissed me. I almost fell off the horse. It was my first real kiss. I don’t know if i did it well. I had my first kiss with our DM who was twenty yrs older than me. She is the one who broke my virginity. I was 5yrs. We did it on a daily basis till she was fired. God bless her.
It was a nice sweet kiss. I still can taste her lipstick in my mouth to date. My hands moved up to her boobs. I squeezed them so hard that she complained. After that we went on with our duty as if nothing had happened. I had a lot going on in my mind. All i wanted was to lay her. Her hair kept swaying on my face. She knew that she was torturing me but she went on. She kept holding my leg and laughing. When we finished the morning patrol,she said that she was tired and taking an off on the afternoon.
Back in the farm,the other workers were all over my neck so that i tell them the whole uhondo. They saw me as a hero. But they had one thing for me. They asked me to promise them one thing. That when i finally get a chance to bang her,i should do it in revenge for what she did to us in the past. I promised that i wasn’t gonna let them down.

Part 6

The weather was not favorable. Dark clouds were gathering in preparation for heavens to open up. I was far down hill when the waters started dropping. I hit the horse hard to make it gallop faster uphill. By the time i was halfway i was already wet. I arrived at the horse stables dripping wet. Suddenly i heard a horse approaching fast. It was her. She was wet as well. It was raining heavily. She shouted that she had been sent by her dad to get something.
Her hair was wet and after trying to drying it,it made her look sexier. After tying the horses to their respective places,we became idle. The rains didn’t seem to stop any time soon. She moved closer to me and held my hand. I squeezed hers in anxiety. We were both wet but horny. She held my cheeks and led me into a deep kiss. She knew that i was new at it and so she went ahead to teach me. She taught me on how to manipulate the lips and tongue. Also how to minimize saliva as much as possible. She told me also that a kiss needs to come from the heart. I enjoyed everything. I was a quick learner i think because she closed her eyes as i didn’t my part. She also led me on boob job,nipple job and how to make a girl feel good by the touch and clit job.

Before long,her dress was on her waist,my trouser down on my knees,her legs raised up,panty on one leg. She was on top of a stack of hay. Dick penetrating deep inside her tight nunu. Kisses were still in order. I held her tight and gave her some hard pumps. She moaned so loudly that i felt like cumming. She pushed me away making me think that i did something wrong. But she held my head and pushed it down to her pussy.I didn’t like it at first. I found it disgusting but she assured me that i was gonna enjoy it. She told me to only concentrate on the clit but not the whole thing. The taste of salt made me think that something was wrong but she kept me going.

Part 7

The rain was like sweet music. The horses were like silent spectators. She kept moaning as i went on and on. She cummed so heavily that it looked like squirting. I wiped my mouth as i entered her all over again. She again pushed me and turned around. Doggie style was imminent. She set it up for me by the way she pushed her waist down. I pushed my heavy mjulubeng deeper and hard. She screamed literally. I didn’t stop. I gritted my teeth as i did justice to her tiny pussy. But since it was the first shot and i was on dryspell,i let out millions of cum into her.She tried to shake me off but i was like a magnet upon her. She jumped up and looked at me with a lot of shock. She asked me if i wanted to make her pregnant. Of course i wanted to. Who wouldn’t. But i apologized. She could hear none of it. She put on her panty and run away into the rain to the house.
I stood there,both afraid that i would loose her and at the same time happy that nimenyandua mzungu joh.

She got over her anger and came looking for me. We had sex in my crib,in the maize plantation,in an open field,on top of a horse and finally in their house. What made me get expelled from the farm by the old man you may ask,i made her daughter pregnant.

The End

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ban izi ujinga. hekaya zinafaa kua original banaa. mtu haezi kutuandikia scripts za Nigerian movie apa ati ni hekaya. chieth guok

Nanii cheza kiwewe

hekaya is lit,seems legit if i do say so myself:D:D:D:D:D:D


Msichana anakuita monkey halafu unapiga yeye kuni that’s a goddamn lie


msichana alizaa nyumbu huyo. … I hope you understand what happened guys