Kazi mtaani

the system is rotten wasee… vijana who are working na hii kazi mtaani are being forced to sign in the bbi or face termination!!! We are under new age coronial…


I will freely exercise my constitutional right by voting yes come referendum day. Nothing can be worse than the shafting uhuruto have put us through

They have every right to to anything you can’t stop them from doing. And that’s the catch.

Wacha youth wapigwe stick kabisa mpaka waamue kama mbaya mbaya.

support BBI nyinyi

Are you sure that the BBI is not going to reinvent uhuruto and add in the mix other tribal chiefs to shaft you wider?

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So be it. Change is as good as rest

You know Uhuru doesn’t need a BBI to return. 10 years down the line he could very well run again like Obasanjo or the current rais of Naija, Buhari, who was the 7th as well as 15th president.

Anaeza chill kidogo kidogo uskie amerudi uwanja. Ama akae.

Looking at the young crop of leaders none is showing any desire to oust the old timers. They are happy to just seat back.

There is no young guy who has said he is taking on Raila, so don’t complain if these fellows never retire

retire first from your homosexual brothel in Seattle

Your breasts are soft and supple. Full of milky goodness.

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Never… punguza mikebe aka mizigo ndo tunataka

Enyewe nimejua kwanini unaitwa poko

Dunya Dinywa matako utulie