Kazi imeanza

Stay vigilant in Kiambu protests on going right now

Protests for what?

Tumezoeana sana na #wakoranetwork but that will have to come to an end.

Violence? Bloodyfucking YES! And preemptive!

Wakirusha, tulisharusha!

Leta updates…naona one of these days nikiingia kuprotest against raia mkuu

Waititu promised

I don’t support this at all. Let our anger and response be at the ballot with massive turnout.

ohh come on na nilikuwa niende huko 4

Demos in Kiambu town. Road blocked as you enter into Kiambu.

Kiambu Road people problem we the limuru Road can’t relate.

Nimeimba hii hit track lakini hadi imeoza. I got tired.

I didn’t support anything of the sort before nane-nane either. But I can count at least five times that the #wakoranetwork have directly caused me to lose money and/or opportunity to make money.

I’m sorry to have to use this, Spear, lakini wewe ni mtu wa mshahara. I depend on peasants having disposable income to get some of that.

But it has been an issue of “wacha tuone vile Raila atasema ndio nikuitishe hizo XYZ” perpetual situation. All because mumecha GSU wamee vitambi na rasa huko Allsops.

That ungwana shiet is over. Reke:
a) Gîthuranwo, or
b) Gatemanwo

Githurai 45 demonstrations on the highway alert!!

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They are protesting comments made by one Mr. Babu Owino.

Mshahara mimi ujilipia and I have the headache of raising payroll to pay others when business is slow as it is right now. My Dec family holiday might get cancelled at this rate.

Its OK to be mad even I am but I know where to channel that anger to, not the street. Doing that is falling into babuon trap, he wants a fight between supporters to start singing the nusu mkate song even louder.

When will Kenyans learn to be civilized? Waititu is a barbarian who wants everybody to be like him. Meffi to all the idlers who attend such occasions.

Am glad I live in an area where there’s a majority of busy people and equal in terms of ethnic representation. Hii upussss sigwes. Thanks heavens!

Wamefunga barabara hadi leafy surburbs!:mad:
Meffi protesters

but hata tuki relax waiting for 26th and yet these guys are planning to sabotage the repeat elections at any of the 290 polling stations knowing they will run to the SCOK and have it nullified yet again, what do we do?

As @Pseudonyms has put it, hii ungwana shiet is over. Reke:
a) Gîthuranwo, or
b) Gatemanwo

Kushinda place moja ni ufala. Biz iko down tu sana cz of the uncertainty and yet we know what they are planning. It’s good to be prepared and not be caught unawares.

Mkubwa, umesema nini hapo mwisho?

Kweli this thing is stalling many things.

its a declaration of war