Kazi iko wapi?

For afew months now sijanukisha kitunguu. My trucking business has been stagnant and so had to layoff three truck drivers out of four coz it’s impossible to pay workers na hakuna kazi. Hopefully all will be well by next year, what I’ve been doing nikukula akiba and kidogo rent from some flats, (simply put ni jasho ya zamani).
To truck owners and truckers kwa hii kijiji and anyone else who is in a position to, help a brother out coz its bad nikitoa pesa ya rent kulipa loans za gari, while all my trailers are in good condition…its just a small matter of recalling my drivers if work is available. Asante in advance.

I always wonder why in such a saturated market you bought trucks without dedicated markets. My advice that has worked for me so well is I buy my own goods with the one truck I have and sell in another region. Currently transporting Maize from Kitale nikakaushe. Maybe in June next year I will make good returns.

I have 2 open body(high sided) and 2 covered trailers @Meria Mata and akina @amun please help

Being a part time business person and you mentioned trucks , I want to buy a canter of some sort . But not from local, I Want to import . Any leads

I’ve been in the trucking business for as long as i can remember i.e from 2002 and all i have or what i consider my own nimetoa hapo. Its then difficult kuwacha.

Tafuta running capital and keep those trucks busy. A bag can give your 400 to 800 Bob profit consodering where you are buying from to bring to Nairobi.


@maasai 101 read this.

I would advice you to stay away from imports as you will just lima for a few months and it will need an engine change. Look locally for this used FH above 2002 banks can still finance.

I buy cereals from everywhere when possible including kitale, moyale kampala, arua, TZ, and sell in nairobi but i prefer contract work always. BTW unaanika mahindi ya kitale wapi sahii na hii mvua?

Siri ya biashara but hakuna mtu alisema Kajiado mzima inanyesha. Also concentrate on that for now as am sure the election period aftermath will make some commodities scarce.

Any website or location to find them. Pole for too many questions

Start from Olx.co.ke or Cheki.Com but with due diligence.



Nairobi and thika…ofisi Reisurance plaza

The truth is that nikubaya and not unless one becomes innovative on how to keep going utajipata you have laid off the 4th driver.

Yeah i know nikubaya just asking around, lazima tupigane na shida from all sides

Very many shunting jobs huku Mombasa that pay quite ok…get in touch nikupe a broker’s number who will help. Pia @Meria Mata add huyu ndugu kwa ile group ya whatsapp ya truckers. So many trucking jobs being advertised huko.

contract them to industries…I have two trucks contracted to DOLA MILLERS.kazi ni kupeleka unga nairobi or mombasa then kuna an agent waiting akitafutia kazi ya return trip.