Kawasaki team

I’ve noticed that you guys have been working hard to make arimis a trending ttweet kwani sio Vaseline tena???

RIP kawankasaki

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Kama ulizaliwa mshambani…thn no nid to ask between arimis na vaseline gani hutumika kukamua…

He he he, it is gentle to tips, read dick head.

Tajiri je??

For me any can do, as they say the end result justifies the means. Ni hio tu

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kweli wewe ni kawasaki specialist

Milking jelly is the best stuff you can get, i mean if its good for the cows udder which produces the milk that we drink then it’s good for the man.

What happened to no pic it never happened trend?

Hehe, naskia @Luther12 alisema hio ni upus

:smiley: :smiley:


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Luther amewasaidia




was the photo that was trendintrending

hebu weka mama yao “nivea lotion”