KaVaLuKu inauguration

First came the promises of a shower in every home…sounding like a promise of a smooth defacation in the morning after eating gwaci for supper. Enlarging his balls to fit and surpass the boxers that is ukambani politics and gaining political mileage faster than a boda boda nduthi…hats off to Alfie who is being crowned for a second term today. It’s the biggest thing happening in syokimau county today, a king declaration rally masquerading as inauguration. Hate him, love him…Failure of NASA, Caleb and his win has catapulted Mutua to heights wavinya n the likes can only dream of. Ukambani you can lie to your self other wise… but he is your new king. long live the king


Sijawahi tambua Mutua. All i see in hom is mediocrity.

kavaluku ni wetu

Give credit where credit is due…

If all the mileage Wavinya got with attempts to cancel her candidature plus the nomination drama and still Mutua beat her then you have to give credit to him. He is good.

He will have a tough time conquering the likes of Ngilu and Kibwana by then probably Kilonzo Jr will have pitad katikati.

The only person who could have battled Mutua for the Kingpin is Kilonzo Jnr, but the fact that he waited to be crowned when power is TAKEN not GIVEN, he lost it. The right way he should have done is revolted against Wiper apparatus and run for Makueni governor on some other party, while supporting Jabuon for the presidency(he’s popular enough to have won the position). In that way he would have mounted a serious challenge for the kingpin, but as it is, Mutua has run already with it, plus he fielded many candidates, meaning that he’s got some forces- every general needs soldiers.

Looking at the margin Kibwana won the governor’s seat in Makueni and considering Kilonzo Jr’s age, it would be premature to go for the governor’s seat when he can easily get it in 5 years time. Reflect on Omar Hassan’s predicament in Mombasa and a host of other politicians who would easily have been re-elected but salivated for Governorship, now they can only preside over bull fighting and such like activities.

over bull fighting and…na hautaji mtu. lol

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