Kasupu Kabisa

I’ll let the photos do the talking …










Those thinghs? I would hit.


on point

Siwezimind kulamba matako

Only Islamic women are beautifull

Hehehehehe …

You must be talking about those mythical 72 Virgins that your boys are always blowing themselves up for …

So Pathetic …

I would still do her in her periods.

hio tanye

IG handle?

Yes that’s good

Hawo madem wako on point figa

Hawa madem utaona wamepigwa picha in very expensive places but they will never show their companions

Long live rexxx

Kwanini naona sura yake inafanana kidogo na former Mrs. Okari?

Leta vitu kienyeji

they take photos in executive places alafu arudi ushago kula mrenda…:D:D:D:D:D:D:D…that is what we call marketing.

safi kabisa