Kashway Threats



He he he he, hizo messages zinafutana sana bwana, call then uwaambie watulie.

Pole waingo assnol wamelala. Mashemeji Derby Niko nyuma yenu lazima Gor biro waone Moshi.

@Violete if you can just show wanakijiji a pic of your thighs, I promise you enough money to clear your Kashway debt and even party for the weekend will be raised within an hour.

Haha the only thing i fear is wataanza kutuma texts to my phone book contacts

I have, check new thread dear

I pledge 500/=, tuite Okoa Dada initiative.

I pledge 500 too on the condition that she provides proof.

I pledge a further 500/= on condition that the image be ebrufied

We developed a thick skin for these mobile lenders…