Kasarani Mwiki.

What is the politics behind this Road/Shamba… I always find myself using it coz of jam ya bypass jioni and the mess that is outering… Any construction plans in the future?

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kama mlichagua chemist? ama huko si kiambu county?

Mwiki/kasa ni Kidero.

That road drives me nuts especially kuanzia stima all the way kuteremka but like they say east or west …i lovr that hood

That road, it’s like the govt forgot it exists. It would be great if it was recarpeted-

Work is to be done on it soon. .hopefully

Na hii tabia ya kupiga gari za wenyewe mbisha uwache

Hehe I see where my brother lives.

What was happening on Tuesday night? The road was a parking lot.

iko kwa annuity programme. inafaa kuwa upgraded to a dual carriageway. in two years time, itakua poa.

Even as we wait for the upgrade, it would do the area Mp a lot of good if he did some work on it.

I agree. Just a little effort will make him have a walk over in 2017. He is now being judged on this road!!

Wait for the 2nd half of 2016 and see it miraculously carpeted.

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waa huku ni Nairobi I need to tembea

That road is actually great…for biking, I do all sort of stunts there including overtaking vehicles and stuff :smiley:


Hizo wiper zako ni mzee sana badilisha…

My neigbour alikaa at Stima for 2 hours jioni

Mp Njoroge wanted to upgrade/construct a feeder road at sunton since hes building a 5 storey building along there, lakini watu wakazusha…main
road I wonder whether he even cares

Vitu na roads nilisikia ni mambo na National gov si county

I got home at 11pm. Had left thika at 6:30