Kasarani mwiki.

I often used this road until it became too much. Who thinks that 300m is enough to build the kasarani mwiki road? “super” senator sent by waragi himself says they are going to repair/build it for that much. I personally believe that nothing can be built on that road. underlying shoddy work of many years should just be removed by a dozer.
We are used to inflated budgets. If the budget’s true. then why are some short roads costing us tens of billions? why are simple foot bridges costing us hundreds of millions?

Hio njia nlipita siku moja kuenda Njiru nikashangaa. Anyway tulikuwa na watu wa mwiki tukieka 6 piece. Ujeuri tumekula tukatosheka nayo.

Shida ni 95% voted for that moffo in 2017, now sending them police to kill them for protesting. Alafu they elected some stupid woman as MP that they don’t know whether is still dead or alive. Anyway as they say government eats his own children at times.
Sonko would have come in but then again he has ties with Ruto & was thrown to Siberia just like the likes of mwangi kiunjuri

You don’t say!!! You mean they elected a corpse that was to come back to life at some point?

Okay for Sonko I understand but do you mean to say that Mwangi Kiunjuri was thrown out based purely on his ties with Ruto and not his incompetence?

where do you live bro…isnt sonko the same fellow who was recarpetting this same road without proper drainage a few months ago? we even tore into it when that jubilee fellow tried to post it here ati development. Those populist half jobs by the likes of sonko are slowly grounding this city. so many roads are now a mess because he was in a hurry to impress people like you…compare to roads in my village which oparanya made 6yrs ago but are still intact despite the heavy rains and loads on them

Enyewe citizens we need to be alert with the kind of services delivered by the government. It’s very easy to recognize shoddy work and protest. Politicians have this tendency of “wanting to appear to work” while in the real sense they are eating and wasting public money.
One of the reasons I want Waititu jailed is the manner he did several roads across the county. The roads by KCG lacked drainage, were incomplete, and no foundation was done. But he went ahead to post pictures on social media celebrating the “development”. A few months down the line, the roads are no more, worse than the previous murram road. Yet KCG spent hundreds of millions that came back to him in kick-backs.

Sonko ni ngombe sana. Recently he posted a road that was done last year(Lumumba Drive Roysambu) and wantent to pretend that he is working on it. A pastor at a local church lamented loudly when he heard of the amount that the road was allocated (hundreds of millions yet it is less than 5km) saizi jamaa iko buy na documentaries looking for sympathy

This road is under the government through KURA that is Kenya Urban Roads Authority. Let the bloody govt do its work. It is not the work of the MP, the MCA or the Governor. Know where to place the blame.

MPs oversight State organs. KURA is a state organ.

whatever moffo

Agreed. The oversight road is a long one. Let Government do their job and let Gatheca allow traffic from this area to exit through the roads in his adjacent land in the meantime.

He needs to ask Mummy for permission

The road was tendered late last year from kahawa west( kamiti road,) all the way to mwiki, people need to be patient kidogo


Yeah ata spear opened a thread for that tender