Kasarani MP "Hon" John Njoroge

When people were going to the polls to elect Members of parliament, Kasarani people settled on non other than Mr John Njoroge, having been their councilor, his track record spoke for itself. Kasarani has the best roads network within Nairobi, the drainage system works perfectly, the constituency is the cleanest with Nairobi.

His latest project is a secondary school which he has named “John Njoroge Mwiki Secondary school”.

Wacha sarcasm.

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Si uhame kasarani bas

You must be his brother! Isnt he the same MP who was arrested while receiving a bribe of 100k? Have you been in Kasarani-Mwiki lately. I went there to visit a relative and oooh my, the roads are pathetic with potholes swallowing a vitz or a Honda fit (no pun @Elin). Do not listen to what he tells you.

An MP who had been charged with bribery has been acquitted after the complainant in the case withdrew the allegations against him.

Kasarani MP John Njoroge Chege was set free in a case in which a contractor Abdulrahaman Mohamed Abdulahi had accused him of soliciting money amounting to Sh300, 000 to facilitate the payment of Sh3, 342,716.77 for a completed secondary school project.

The project at Baba Dogo Secondary School in the constituency was done with funds from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

The matter was reported to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) who laid a trap and arrested the MP before starting the proceedings in a Milimani Court, Nairobi.[ATTACH=full]4786[/ATTACH]

Mundu Mulosi = Mundu Mupusi

At least the road passing through sports view hotel iko sawa sana. (is that in Kasarani or Roysambu??)

That road was funded by the hotel.

Its there time to feed # stolen.

mbisha tafasali ama ni hekaya.

Kuna picha in one of my comments.

You know the school that you are talking about…he redirects lorries taking building bricks from there to a 5 storey apartment his building,
near where I live…i know this coz his a pal to my landlord …hes a thief :mad::mad:

That Road was privately done by Sportsview Hotel. Try Kasarani - Mwiki-Kangudo Rd and see whether you’ll come here and talk the same way again.

engrich priss