Karua Effect Down spiralling?!

It was a matter of few weeks before Kenyans learnt that Martha Karua is overrated and definitely has nothing to offer. She has become a mockery of herself. So shallow that it is embarrassing. Those who thought that she will have an impact are slowly accepting the massive disappointed.

Poleni sana. Harooo! Harooo! Baba ni msalendo. Harooo assimio!

Ruto will not be President. Enda pika uji utulize.

Haroo! Haroo! Raira wirr never be plesident. Harooo!

She has never been a good public speaker. It is not good that she does not have a well rehearsed speech that she can repeat in every public rally

Nyinyi wote including your thug boss mnalilia chooni. Wait for 2032!!

Come August, Association of Exposed Teeth Bonobos (AET-B) aka the Kipmenos, will be on suicide watch.

I’m of the very firm belief that choosing Gachagua as running mate will cost Ruto dearly come August. Very uncouth. A PR nightmare. Poor in relating with fellow coalition members. And so on.
Another thing is coalition management factor. It’s very obvious that there’s no such thing as Kenya kwanza. It’s a myth. It’s all UDA.
And this is a recipe for failure.

Miezi mbili tu boss. The lion of Sugoi will ascend to the throne.

Tafuta mawe ya kurusha. Gachagua will not tolerate your BS. Mtafinywaa

It doesn’t matter. Ruto will still win. We shall be here to revisit.

If you think Karua is bad then Gachagua is a disaster. He can’t talk in public without saying bullshit. He is very ugly and uncouth. He is unmarketable. He quickly alienated people like Moses Kuria, Kabogo, ule jamaa wa TSP and more yet to come. Shambolic.

The supposed lion has been outed as a mere meercat!! Mtalilia chooni. Tafuta stock ya TP n handkerchiefs!

Gachagua is a great mobilizer. He is the only man in central who is capable of facing the Muthamaki head-on. Mambo ya PR is a non-issue. To deal with the Muthamaki, we need a brave strongman like Gachagua.

You attack Karua on PR and when same is thrown at you it becomes a non-issue! Ukichengwa chengeka jamaa

Kweli mwezi iko mahali pabaya hadi mkalethug amekosa bandos ya kucon watu akiwa mulot.:D:D:D.

Can you book mark this.

After Aug 9, once he is out of the DP’s office and residence, watch how the cases against him will be reactivated.

Just thought you should know.


Don’t you feel something is wrong with this kind of mockery? making fun of someone’s dialect?

You fishermen and cattle herders are obsessed with your respective leaders.
In any case UDA prevails.

As someone said this election isn’t about the presidential candidates but the deputy presidential candidates
Gachagua Vs Karua
Both aren’t great public speakers
Gachagua sends chills whenever he speaks he has that dictator kinda language kikisemwa kimesemwa being loyal is good but depends with who is on top
Karua is not a politician she won’t play dirty.
This is the time women are supposed to support each other but we all know they are their own worst enemies.but I won’t downsize her following just yet she maybe the next deputy president and the first woman on that docket.she reminds me of khaleesi and yes Baba is Jon snow