Karim Khan


Karim Khan has been voted in as the new International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor for a term of 9 years.

Karim is the lawyer who represented DP Ruto in his trial for crimes against humanity at the Hague.

Congratulations Khalim Khan Deputy president William Samoei Ruto lawyer new ICC prosecutor.

Who knew KARIM KAN will be ICC Prosecutor?

Chase those crazy baldheads out of town

Now that ICC was trying to “revive” Ruto’s case and Karim happened to be his lawyer at the time…si kutakuwa na conflict of interest or now the case will be thrown out altogether… interesting times ahead

The lawyer was donated to him by Mama Ngina who paid all legal fees. Kharim Khan is a personal lawyer of the Queen, who have close relationship with Kenyas first family.

saa zengine unanyamaza, naomba.

Karim Khan won so many cases against ICC they have decided just to hire him to reverse that thread. President Uhuru lawyers meticulously destroyed the case. Khan on the other hand hired former ICC prosecution staff and completely destroyed DP Uncle Ruto case. Both pointed to the same things. There was no investigation but selection. Both relied on a few coached witness statements as the basis for the entire case. They proved they were coached by showing all the statements were drafted by one person, the people were not present where they claimed they were and they have never had contact with the accused and the places they claim to have met them. Finally the revealed that the coached witnesses had withdrawn their statements two year before the cases went into full trial but the prosecution kept that secret from the defense and importantly the judges. To avoid an embarrassing mid trial or case to be dropped by the judges altogether, the prosecution dropped the cases themselves.

However a few people in Kenyatta family through their tool muraithe wanted to force ICC to reconsider reopening DP Uncle Ruto cases to use it as leverage on him to settle with President Uhuru on his preferred succession plans. NIS director informed Chief Hustler of that conspiracy once they tracked that lawyer in the Hague. The idea was for him to kill two birds with one stone. He has an outstanding warrant of arrest and he wants that reversed and also get money by being another fake coached witness. So they made him here a witness to another new fake ICC investigation using the same format. Fake coached statements and investigation at some fancy 5 star hotel between conspirators from dci. He is put under witness protection here and given materials to take to the Hague. There he presents himself, they don’t get many walk in suspects wishing to be arrested. He is arrested and processed. He is confident of state backing and money as promised. However ICC prosecution has being reformed by assembly of parties since the failed political Kenyan cases. Everything is formal and independent. They don’t care about his tales and materials. They are only interested by his current arrest warrant and case. That will proceed. His materials, the best that can be done is send back to the bench that handled the case to see if its relevant. It goes there and die on their shelves. No more political cases for selfish quests. Thereafter government disowns him and he doesn’t get any cooperation. They don’t even acknowledge him as under witness protection. On his bail hearing the AG is prompted many time unsuccessfully to give government position. He doesn’t.

Now Khan as his former lawyer then be assured this games of ICC Kenya is dead permanently. There are more other places ICC can look at starting with middle east and what the west is going there.

Lastly Khan is also suing british government for genocide, mass expulsion of population, rape and economic crimes in Kericho and Nandi counties to make way for their multinational Tea companies. That case is ongoing in London and in European human rights court.

No way Khan will reopen a case against Ruto or Kenyatta due to conflicts of interest.

It will be like opening a can of worms.
Hapo Ruto akona bahati sana.
Then again, it doesn’t mean that if Ruto and the rest incite violence in 2022, they won’t be chased down by ICC.
Nobody can take down Ruto better than his confidant lawyer turned prosecutor.

in case the courts decided to reopen the cases, khan will simply excuse himself, he can’t touch those files, the courts can simply select another prosecutor for that specific case, khan also won’t rep. ruto. I don’t know why guys are celebrating as if ruto bribed icc to appoint him

You think they will go to all that trouble because of a witch hunt case which anyone who follows kenyas politics can see? Wee unaona hawa wazungu wakiwa wajinga aje?

mjamaa wa naks, tulia, I started my opinion using the words “in case”. , I was replying to that post

Man i dont know but ruto has nine lives. He is always a step ahead…

Enyewe humans are funny. Now the villain has somehow become the hero everyone is cheering on. Somewhere along the way amnesia kicked in and guys forgot about the victims of the PEV violence. And the numerous witnesses that disappeared in the subsequent wicked quest to frustrate justice. These guys liquidated witnesses like flies splattered across city market floor on a busy saturday.

Binadamu kweli kumuelewa ni ngumu.