Karen Secret Daddy Spot exposed. ( photos)

Waterfront Karen has some great offers for Father’s day. Check out and have fun with your family. [ATTACH=full]242795[/ATTACH]


Vipi chief, all dads get in free

Someone needs to break @digi 's fingers…and toes…just in case.

Hapana elder, why do you wish me bad things? I’ve only been bringing you good news and good family locations to enjoy over the weekend. Now if my fingers are broken, how will I get the good news out for the elders… I have forgiven you.

well,i dont know how comfortable i would be in anything recreational where there are no females present…pia paki kuna place ya steambath mi huskia mabuda huenda

When is Father’s Day ? Mbona iko low key hivi?

16th June. Peasants only recognize Friday holidays

Lakini Mothers’ Day pia ni Sunday and everybody hadi watu wa slums wanajua Mothers Day. Inakaa watu hutambua their mothers more than their dads. Sasa na hii baridi watu wataenda out especially older people.



wewe @digi,since uko na uspokesman mingi,is there a way to clean up this sewage looking effluent and make it conducive sitaki mitoto yangu itoke huko na scabies

Hapa ni kitambo kidogo, but it was still great. It’s very safe, pay a visit soon

Sipendi maji mob mimi. I will drown.

wewe unafaa kurushwa Malaba highway from a speeding truck.


Shed off excess fat…nguruwe

Na wale wa healthy foods

Hio maji ni opaque bana , ukidrown no one will see you !

@digi is @Mrs Shosho who is @TrumanCapote