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Carrefour Kenya Launches New App With Virtual Shopping and KES 99 Deliveries

Carrefour Kenya has today announced that they have launched a new app that will enhance the shopping experience for its Kenyan customers.

“Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen the significant growth in online shopping. As such, the introduction of our new app also responds to the growing demand in Kenya for a more sophisticated online shopping platform,” Frank Moreau Country Manager of Carrefour Kenya at Majid Al Futtaim Retail, said. “At Carrefour, we’re constantly finding innovative ways to modernise and digitise the shopping experience for our customers. We are confident that the new app will provide Kenyan customers with a convenient and safe option to shop from the comfort of their homes.” he added.

The new app promises a seamless shopping experience where you can conveniently browse through the more than 8000 items and add your essentials to a digital cart. The app has a ‘build your shopping list’ function as well as a ‘frequently purchased tab’ which will save the items you buy regularly. You can still also access your receipts as see your past transactions anytime just like with the old app.

Carrefour will offer delivery within Nairobi with plans to expand to other cities across the other country in the future. The app will allow you to choose a 1 hour delivery slot on either the same day or the next day between 9am and 8pm for a delivery fee of Kshs 99.

In addition, customers registered to carrefour’s loyalty program MyClub must transfer to the new MAF Carrefour app using their previous registration details and create a new password. The comapny says that all of your points and vouchers will automatically be migrated to the new app as the old app gets phased out.

The company has said that initially payments will only be done through MPESA but their team is working on extending the same to debit/credit card payments in the coming months.

The Carrefour app is part of my most used apps and it is great that they have updated it with features that improve the experience drastically.

Most big companies huwa slow juu ya all the levels of management and meetings one idea has to go through before its adopted/implemented.

Sawa isewacho

They have been sleeping for too long