Kanyari theatrics

This is pathetic, Kanyari kwa mlima amejifunika na magunia praying for fools to send money. Sleeping in a bush with a phone that he is praying for those sending money

:D:D:D:D:D:Dutapata unapost hapa bibi ashatuma anangoja baraka

Did you miss the debate about the regulation of churches where the public overwhelmingly supported this kinda crap?


Raila Odinga’s wife Ida is now calling on the regulation of churches to protect Kenyans from religious institutions that are out to mint their money.
She also said pastors and preachers should get theological training so that they can pass sound teachings to their church members.

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Thats Why you should not access Statehouse.
If you get POWER, You Will just ”persecute the church…….”
Your motive is wrong mama. You need help…& prayer.

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This is Antichrist spirit and its uncalled for…

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That’s why am opposing Raila’s presidency in strong term possible! Because
if Raila become a president his regime will interfere with freedom of worship and church mostly will be in trouble!

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The church doesn’t belong in the hands of politicians. Its God who calls and chooses!
The church shall stand and the gates of hell will not even withstand the church.
Speak about corruption in the government, clean it, come to church! Its allowed

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After reading some of the comments, all I can say is that “the sheep have spoken against the idea”. :D:D:D


kumbaff thats a slippery road. wakianza hapo, where will they stop ? the government should only invest in education and let people make their own choices unless we want to go the china and north korean way

Let bonobos wallow in the miasma of religious brainwashing

Hii jangili ndio ilianziasha hio trend :smiley:

Waafrika mulirogwa na chizi flani

Let fools send him money. If God wants to tell you something He knows where to find you.

The sheep have truly spoken. It pains to see how stupid the majority is.

Who said ako kwa mlima? Nigga is just behind his church which I hear is in Njiru.

But naheshimu hii jangili coz he is always straight to the point. Yaani ukora ya live live.

Yap, at this point I no longer blame Kanyari but his followers. Anawaibia and they let him, wacha wabebewe.

i actually saw this crap yesterday and wondered who bewitched us. And you will see people sending money to support this ‘man of god’

Rwanda has done it and people are ok

Why should kanyari pity the people? They belong to God, let them give to God.

I don’t believe in over-regulation , the state is not in the business of protecting its citizens against their own stupidity and that is what democracy and freedom is all about, people will do stupid shit but as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others inakuwashia nini , that is what separates us from dictatorships like rwanda, uganda, tz and theocracies like iran where people are told what do, what to think, how to dress etc trust me it does not stop there…

why do you think laws are formulated?




With this stupidity regulation is inevitable, these programs are aired to all even children


We’ll put sir ,talkers undermine the freedom mzee kibaki gave us and also Uhuru , saitan itachukua hatamu za uongozi naona ikiregulate kila kitu mpaka breathing ya bonobos