Kanini Kega Namaliswa Kule Mashinani

Zakaria Maina Kihenjo amemwambia aende akikauka. Kanini contributed 10k to his wedding committee but reminds the young man at every turn. Maji yamezidi unga sasa, Zakaria akamrudishia hizo 10k zake. Don’t manipulate people just coz you contributed a few coins, mushienzi.


Kanini Koru is now the most hated Mp in nyeri County.

I think kanono kafupi aka wambugu ngunjiri is the most hated.

President Uhuru decided he will make Parliamentary and Senate leadership changes to put people whom will guide his plans uninterrupted. His new team includes this idiot kanini. Kanini is now known for one thing, selling appointments to state house and harambee house. Back to moi and kibaki state house schemes. Sasa he charges 500k onwards depending on ask. Then his constant threats to civil servants for being sacked if they don’t do his bidding. Right now he is still selling positions in reshuffle that he has being saying is imminent. This man has greatly undermined the few goodwill President Uhuru still had from his own region.

:D:D:D ati “wacha nione pare pare”

No chills

Uhuru lacks foresight. Bigtime. Safe to say he is quite stupid. Quite how he imagined he would impose Jakuon on the mountain is beyond my comprehension. Unless his plan was to derail him.
But there are no enemies in politics.

This guy should take this wave and run with it he might replace that idiot .

Mwanaume gani huyo akitaka kuoa anaita mpaka MP amsaidie?

The idiots in jubilee Kieleweke camp are totally in a world of their own


Nione pare pare

You don’t pay for someone’s wedding then he starts insulting you. Arudishe pesa ya kanini kega.

Unasaidiwa na pesa ya kuoa alafu u naanza mdomo refu ukiuliza maswali ya kufanya mheshimiwa aonekane mbaya? Ingekua ni mimi kanini kega Pia ningesema hivyo hivyo pesa yangu irudi ama huyo mke nilisaidia kulipia anipee chot 7 mzito mambo yaishe.


Yaani that’s the only qualification in bonobo land:D

Usishangae. For being an accessory to murder, Jackie Marine nasikia saa hii ni frontrunner kwao.

I know you are trolling but for 10k unafaa kunyamaza hata pesa ya umaa ikipotea?

We have high qualified they ain’t shit… this nigga has the guts to confront his mpig and ask the hard questions… I won’t be surprised if he won.