Kangocho Descent

For those of you who have never driven there…here is a quick preview


Eish buaaaana! Camera has zero stability. Kuwatch inakuwa ngumu…

Hiyo mteremko siku hizi hata imepungua. Zamani the gradient was larger. Ile mteremko Noma siku hizi ni ya Nithi bridge ama Subukia. Pia kuna Ile ya Olkalou towards Ndunduri

I hate videos with custom music and not the sound of the vehicles and others on the road… not fun at all!!

Noted…I was talking shit with a friend in the video…that’s why it’s edited

OK. I understand but next time… ask your friend to shut up as you make such a beautiful video… he can be commenting on the event, the vehicle power and other things… on the other hand, this hill (ascent) would be excellent for Subaru Turbo machines or Landcruiser V8s with great torque… with less powerful things like Harriers and 2.L Petrol Prados you really suffer!!

For the 2. Petro… You’ve got to have a 80km/h or more decent… To have an equally speedy ascend.

The Petrol 2.7l Prado is lazy… Imagine slowing down because of a slow moving truck as you climb the hill! Overtaking will be a very risky affair…

True. The Legacy GT eats Kinungi like Odili ate hills while trying to impress Emily.
I’d always be passed by impatient overlapping fellows hapo Kikopey flat stretch only to find them out of breath quarter-way into the ascent. Pass them kimadharau while flashing lights. Remember me, bitch?
Anza na 80, finish at 140 kuendelea. Only turbo cars gain speed on hills hehe.
Catalytic converter ina-unclog with its characteristic smell.
Used to call it nukisha coolant route.

Be careful not to kill Emily in these activities!!

Anyways… Prados should not be speeding anyways…

You are right but of course there is always need to overtake slow moving machines climbing the hills then go back to normal speeds… that is when you need real torque that they do not possess

Kuna Hilux 3.0 turbo diesel hii ata Subaru ita toa jasho kuifuata.

Are you sure… I thought Subaru is the killer when it comes to speed coz of the turbo and lower weight…

That thing can stop midway kinungi then accelerate uphill na i achieve 140 kph.

Drove one to Kitale some time back, double cab. It has mad torque

This kind


I have very little experience with pickups… But doing that kind of speed must be dangerous in pickups… I guess

Kangocho inapanda ikiwa gear 5 bila kuhema. Inabidi ulegeze mguu juu iko 120 na bado inataka kuongeza.

The other car that left a smile on my face was a VW Passat KAH ya mdosi.
1.9 TDi. was surprising yuppies in new TSis and shit halafu haina tint hata kidogo so they could see the glee on our faces as we zoomed past.
turbo na diesel issa killer too

Anza kupanga maisha ya uzeeni if you know Odili Samalu:D:D:D Hio mlima ya Kinungi is where we men used to go test our machines. I humiliated many first in a Subaru Legacy, then in a Discovery 3. Tourque ya Hilux single cab 4*4 ndio ilinishangaza kwa hio mlima. Many ate dust that day after kunipita kimadharau stretch ya Gilgil-Naivasha.