Kanairo: Lockdown looming?


I just find it curious how our positivity rate percentages and other figures seem to closely resemble those of countries that have a Vaccination rate of 50% while in Kenya the number of administered vaccines is about 1.2% of the population. Thereby implying we are reducing positivity even after obvious superspreading political rallies up and down this country.





I hope he doesn’t. The UK numbers are on the up despite the vaccinations and BoJo ametuambia tujipange and use our common sense. I am watching the situation closely to see what happens after the summer break.
Uhuru is likely to impose another lockdown to paralyse things further as he and his fellow tumbocrats go ahead and ensure there will no elections.

Most of the figures being reported are cooked and politicized to create a certain impression, most of the counties in wester kenya are grossly under reporting the positive cases to avoid scarring people which will ultimately collapse the economies, and also the idea of rescheduling the 2022 elections is now comming to play

Am sure no county wants to report huge numbers and have their county shut down. Hizi lockdown zinaumiza roho kuliko corona

We don’t care, hatutambui upussy ya corons

My relative is in ICU msee.

The numbers are under reported. But kenyans are kenyans, they used to say the numbers were exaggerated and that there’s no covid. Now the game is reversed

Corona is not a joke. Imebeba wasee kubeba. Hii ni kama WW3.

@Electronics4u wewe ni mjinga kama unafuata hivi cooked statistics.


Ukweli fuck @Covid19

kwani hizi alarmist numbers huanza kupanda wakati curfew imefika review.



Eish, Pole msee, Hope s/he gets well soon

He passed away.

Sorry man

Pole man, my condolences.

I think number of cases is a pointless metric. Obviously the number is much higher than reported.
Probably what we should focus on is the number of covid hospitalisations and whether our facilities are stretched or not.
At this point national / County governments should be talking about vaccinating everyone over 65 and expanding ICU facilities… It’s been a year and a half already