Kamelon Kaliingiza Njeve

After ICC acknowledged that it has received a letter requesting for kamelon and jakuon to be investigated for crimes against humanity, kamelon has rarely been seen in the public especially in the many pressers and rallies. Ni kuingiza baridi nini?

His wife is sick I think and was flown abroad for treatment. That’s apparently where he is.

A running mate and a core principal in Naswa na hata mganga mkuu Hawes tembelea yeye or even send some of his footsoldiers or henchmen to wish the family well.

Tseikuru hakuna baridi!

Wish her well

the Principal was busy sleeping on the couch of the sponsor…

The wife has been sick even when ka opportunist was chest thumping. Things just got too radical for the ‘lie low’ hyena

Si baba aliacha Rosemary ICU thausafrika akakuja campaigns

you are saying kamelon should also sacrifice something for the refolution?

Kuingiza njeve lazima. Observers have already pinpointed the dangerzones and they’re all in babuons strongholds

I see what you did there.
I think its a fake rumor.

Ata uhunye alimchangua doh za hosi

I was doing some work@ the Nairobi Hospital, he used to visit her every day at 11.00am I think she is his strength. Seemed always deep in thought.

And vice versa. Pole to him and the family. It is painful to have someone in hospital and you’re helpless.



I second…she has been visiting one specialist there since 2014