Kamala Harris the plagiarist

The VP-‘elect’ at the DNC party of thieves, Kamala, has been caught red-handed, plagiarizing MLK’s literary work. You can all see that these tendencies started long ago. Kamala you are hereby canceled.

“My mother used to laugh when she told the story about a time I was fussing as a toddler: She leaned down to me and asked, ‘Kamala, what’s wrong? What do you want?’ And I wailed back, ‘Fweedom,’” Harris wrote in her 2010 book “Smart on Crime.”

Harris also detailed her younger self demanding “Fweedom!” in her 2019 book “The Truths We Hold: An American Journey.”
Harris apparently appropriated an anecdote first told by civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. when she was interviewed by Elle Magazine for a feature that was published in October, at the height of the 2020 presidential election race.

Harris has repeatedly boasted of her parents’ involvement in the civil rights movement of the 1960s. In the Elle interview, she recalled accompanying them to marches as a toddler in a stroller.

“My mother tells the story about how I’m fussing,” Harris told the magazine. “And she’s like, ‘Baby, what do you want? What do you need?’ And I just looked at her and I said, ‘Fweedom.’”

After the interview resurfaced Monday, Twitter user @EngelsFreddie and Andray Domise, contributing editor of the Canadian publication Maclean’s, noted that Harris’ story resembled one told by King in a 1965 interview published in Playboy.


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Why are we so petty? So cultist? So brain washed?

Because every f@#$%^ crap we try is not working… :D:D:D


@purplle, still can’t believe Trump’s gone, can you darling?. Reminds me of Obama’s birth certificate movement. Were you one of them? Since you support Trump sooo f*kcing passionately.
Its okay…shhhh it’s okay. You can let go now.


The majority of Trumptards are less educated (Miss P is a rare exception), and they tend to believe whatever they watch from faux news or whatever they hear from don the con. They are totally brainwashed. If you ask them for facts, they’ll send you to some crazy QAnon websites or some other wild conspiracy sites.

You call plagiarism, “petty?” I’m sure college dons would love to hear you out. In your opinion, it’s okay to steal whatever you want, even elections? Got it.

Little knowledge very dangerous- Emperor Tsang from Tsun Dynasty

if she was in kenya or even mexico, or any other place not the US, she would be considered white, even in Europe, nobody would look at her and comment that she was black

Nursing doesn’t require that much education. It is a specialty.
You can cram your way through and there are several Trade Schools that will get you through if you take their financial help you have to payback.

I am waiting for that extra 2000 check…
Thank you Obama, Biden and plagiarizing kamala mala…
please send my condolences to my deplorables.

She’s definitely appropriating a culture that isn’t hers for the benefit of virtue signaling and earning #woke points.

January 6th.

Let’s be honest. America has never had a black president. Obama isn’t black either. Black means black like @Jimit and his cousins. The only reason Obama won is because he is half white.

Give it to her. Dr Purple is a pretty competent MD. Even her bossom buddy Vercetti is a pretty brilliant lady. But when it comes to Tilampu, they pick up strange lenses and totally refuse to acknowledge that he is perhaps one of the most inept leader any nation has had in the last 20 years. Not even Sonko was that inept

Sure, Trump was an absolute shitshow, but man was it an entertaining shitshow. That being said, watching how mad people feel on matters Trump is the greatest thing America has done in the past decade.

It is a refreshing site to behold. the meltdown is orgasmic

Were you this whiny too when Melania was caught plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech and later a Be Best booklet that bore striking resemblance to the one published during the Obama administration? The Trumps just adore the Obamas


Yeah I saw that yesterday and even posted a thread :

They are really natural born liars. - News & Politics - Kenya Talk

They steal elections and they even steal speeches and life stories. And then they wear their fake plastic smiles.

In the past I pointed out that even Obama and Michael’s life story is TOTALLY fake. It’s too perfect yaani scripted. Many say that his mother was in fact more or less a kanguru who died from AIDS.

She used to sell her booty to black men. She was also a stripper at some point. Maybe that’s how she met Obama senior while whoring. Maybe that’s why he didn’t marry her and bring her to Kenya!

Now imagine what that history did to the young Obama psychologically. Maybe that’s why he became ga.y in college.

@Purple this is history that is well known. In fact it is said that Obama’s real dad could be a black pimp called Frank Marshall Davis.

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[SIZE=5]If you remember Trump and the birther story I think this is where he wanted to go but akaogopa he might lose too many black votes if he says it.[/SIZE]