Kamala Harris takes over the day to day running of the White House. The old man is just too old.

[SIZE=5]Like many even right here on Ktalk predicted, Kamala Harris or Obama’s sweet heart would inevitably take over thus putting Obama firmly back in the white house more or less and now it is no longer a whisper, Kamala Harris is in fact in charge. She answers most night time calls to world leaders.

The old man mostly spends his time playing simple games or taking his naps or short walks.

The comments on these two videos below are very entertaining. Ranging from the cackling witch who slept her way to the top to Joe Biden is tucked in bed at 8p.m. sharp! :D:D:D




Keep spinning madam… don’t stop

Finally you removed the disturbing profile photo of yourself in lipstick.


ati kamala slept her way to the top ? expound !

Before Obama she is known to have slept with several other powerful men including a very ugly mayor called Willie Brown. Alikuwa kunguru mbaya.

Kamala Harris and Willie Brown had a relationship while he was married



bidden alikuwa mgonjwa hata aki campaign. hii ghaasia in 6 months atakuwa ako fully kwa kitanda

That was the plan. Bidens only job was to send Trump to the Kalahari. His part is done.

Were you in those bedrooms patricia?


homosexual baba yako amemaliza kukutomba mkundu

Lichoti wacha uchokozi.

Kwani nilienda?

Yes uliza yeye

:smiley: :smiley: I love it. Might download it for later.

Si ndio. Kuosha kuma yako. Ndio upate customer.

Mujamaa wa San Fransisco don’t try too hard, maboy friends wako wont be happy ukipresent a tired asss to them

That’s what it means to be principle assistant on a joint ticket. Moron.