Kama umewai sema kitu mbaya kuhusu israel hukangi uko.

Israeli law blocks entrance visas to any foreigner who calls for any type of boycott that targets Israel - either economic, cultural or academic.
this is why they are trying to ban Ms Omar and Ms Tlaib.

not because Bibi was told to shaft them by the trump?

hata wewe unaweza kubali mgeni WA kukuchimba?

Surely what would Ms Omar and Ms Tlaib be going to Israel to do? Where would they stay anyway?

There are no hotels in Tel Aviv?

Israel is a nasziist apartheid regime , not so many people want to go there

So they go there to drink coffee and smell air? Would they even trust the food in the hotel?

Kwa kina Tlaib. Nyanyake anaishi Palestine

Mimi kama Gods people defender nipewe sitizenchip

he he he, hata Mimi nipatiwe ,Moshe uwes na Mimi Levi motokubwa

You can travel on an American passport vizuri sana and stay in telaviv, but you know that country has been robbed off its name falestine, has several sights Muslims hold sacred.
The area has always been mixed religions, but only been peaceful under Muslim rule, whether people like to hear it or not…

Enda uishi kwa desert…

Are you trying to revive your failed career in comedy?

Read history and you’ll find it… But that’s in the past anyways…

Mimi kama sayaret matkal hapana tambua Arab chieth.


Israel is fucking apartheid state. It is inhabited by Zionist from Europe and can’t handle even genuine criticism.

It’s not going very well


Trump had to create an outrage to cover for the embarrassment of Gibraltar releasing Grace 1.