kama uko na akili timamu inthis era na uoe hizi kunguru. you desrve everything you get

this bitch is justifying murder


Did you actually read the article or uli-harakisha kuileta hapa Ktalk? Nowhere does the guy justify murder.

fuck you, that bish muthoni nnoroge is trying to rationalize murder by bringing up some historical bullshit


Too long but she has valid points.
Even the traditional Kikuyu society in the pre and colonial days was heavily tilted towards patriarchy.
All a man needed was to clear some bush and settle there and marry many wives and sire children.
From there he became a pampered fool doing very little work while spending most of his day with fellow athuri drinking muratina and eating mburi at the slightest excuse which meant they were assured of eating juicy roast meat on a daily basis with women and children in the homesteads they were enjoying the treats being made to do with the less palatable animal parts.
The Kikuyu man has for very long been very self centred and selfish.

This article speaks nothing but the Truth, from a person who grew up in Mt Kenya region… women are the work-horses of this region.
Also many homes are literally run by women.

I see you

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The rationale around the Kikuyu factor does not play with me, you will find a similar structure describe there which will be way similar or tougher in the Maasai, kalenjin, Luo, Somali… I could basically say all the tribes not only Kenya but way beyond our borders.
What I know is that most men when they enter into a relationship and the basic tenets of trust is lost, they exhibit such colonial like characters, from there it’s usually downhill as he age.

so what, men deserve to die if eomen work? btw nani huforce hizi mbwa ziolewe na wakikuyu na vyenye jalruo zinazikufia. if you feel like that kanyanga kubwakubwa ukirekea rūgūrū. you know the deal before you sign one

always 2 steps ahead love…

Anaharakisha kuileta hapa

The writer is one sober minded man. It takes balls to step out of your biases and write something as educative as that about your own people. Clearly, based on that, the problem isn’t the women. It’s all stemming from some misled men. And also, not all Kikuyu men are as described. Quite educative.

Kila mtu atafute pesa yake! If I have taken care of my kids to adulthood then I owe them nothing more. After that the rest is a privilege and not a right! Aside from the properties I inherited from my parents which should pass to them.

i didn’t say that, neither does the article say anybody deserves to die…it’s just distilling the root cause of the problems

the root cause of the problem is bishes be killing men . greedy as thots who only care about Money are killing men. that is the root cause of dead men

Arume kwi na mbaara!

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