Kama ningekuwa Uhuru... wacha tu

If there is something NRM is looking for, i know they are looking for confrontation with police… If i had powers of Uhuru, i would order the flight carrying Raila to land in Msa ,he would then be accorded the highest honor one has ever received in Moi international Airport… I would then organise a flight for him to JKIA just for it to land in Wilson with “apologies” .


Wonderfool, which organization trusts your brains?

Regional manager is on a roll nowadays. Unleashing analysis one after another. Ame replace all the 36 bloggers.

Ni regional manager wa pubic region

Mungiki mjinga

Engiti nyamaze, hapa hakubwekwi

If see urchins had a country…


Boeing italand aje Wilson Airstrip??